Civil Society Engagement

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The CSE Unit is committed to facilitating ongoing and productive dialogue with civil society organisations and fostering cooperation and partnership with CSOs.

Comments and feedback from civil society organisations are therefore very welcome.

We advise you to read the information on this website, where you may find the answers to your questions and comments.

Should you have feedback and comments or questions that are not addressed here, email us at or contact an EBRD office near you.

We will do our best to acknowledge and respond to your email in a timely fashion. However, due to a high volume of requests that the CSE Unit receives regularly from individuals and civil society organisations, please allow several working days for acknowledgment and processing of your request. Your query will be handled in line with the Bank’s Public Information Policy.

View a list of CSO focal points in the EBRD’s countries of operations.

Also, view the main EBRD contact information page, including departmental contacts.

E-mail notifications

The CSE Unit seeks to keep CSOs regularly informed about new developments and opportunities to comment related to the EBRD’s projects, country and sectoral strategies and policies. To do this, we send periodic email notifications about updated information of interest to civil society organisations.

Please fill out the following form to be entered into our database and receive regular notifications from the CSE Unit. Email notifications will include regular announcements about major new policies and strategies that are available for comment on this web site. These announcements will also keep you informed about major projects and other developments, including conferences and workshops.

The EBRD’s engagement with civil society is coordinated and facilitated by the dedicated Civil Society Engagement (CSE) Unit and involves a wide range of mechanisms and tools for information disclosure, dialogue, consultation and cooperation with civil society.

The CSE Unit seeks to effectively address the issues and concerns raised by CSOs and handle their information requests in a reliable, comprehensive and consistent manner in coordination with EBRD banking and other relevant teams.

The Unit is responsible for the organisation of numerous consultation meetings between EBRD officials and CSOs that occur throughout the year both in London and in the countries where we work.

The CSE Unit also manages TC projects under the Civil Society Capacity Enhancement Framework.

Have your say on our work

The public is invited to comment on proposed EBRD policies and strategies during their development.