Secure Mail (Switch)

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Protecting Sensitive Information

We live in a rapidly changing and inter-connected world where data breaches are occurring on a more regular basis. Organisations such as the EBRD are taking measures to ensure that effective and robust controls can be applied to safeguard not only our own information but information which belongs to our clients and partners. 

When communicating with our clients via email, especially when sensitive information is involved, the Bank has identified that there is a need to ensure that this communication is secure and the information being sent or exchanged is only accessible to the intended recipient.

If sensitive information were to be accidentally or deliberately sent to and/or accessed by an unauthorised recipient, it could result in financial loss, organisational disruption and/or reputational damage for our clients and the EBRD. The Switch service therefore will allow the EBRD and you, our client and business partner, to exchange sensitive emails and attachments in a secure manner.

What is Switch?

Switch is a service which enables EBRD and its clients and business partners (you) to send and receive sensitive data securely; this service is referred to as ‘Secure Mail’ internally at the EBRD. We have chosen to use Switch when sending sensitive information via email because it helps to mitigate the ever-increasing threats to our sensitive data by ensuring that when this information needs to be shared outside of the EBRD it is done so securely. It also ensures our clients, and business partners can have greater assurance that when they exchange sensitive information with the EBRD they are doing so in a secure manner

What do you need to do when you receive a Switch email?

When you are sent sensitive information by the EBRD you will receive and email notification. In order to access information sent to you via Switch, you will need to register for a free account by clicking on the ‘New User’ link in the email you received or by logging in with your Switch ID and password if you have already registered. Once logged-in, you can respond to and initiate secure correspondence with us and other paying subscribers free of charge.

The service is extremely easy to use. If you have any questions, support is available direct from the Switch service provider (Egress Software Technologies). As an external user all support questions relating to your account or any technical issues must be directed to Egress via

Further information

For more information about Switch, please visit

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