Project Summary Documents – Technical Cooperation

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Status
18 Jan 2021
7925 Regional Business-matching and knowledge exchange with Taiwanese markets Agribusiness Approved
18 Dec 2020
1414 Ukraine Project Preparation Support Programme for Agribusiness Projects in Ukraine Agribusiness Approved
15 Dec 2020
14518 Montenegro Establishment of a Single Access Point for SMEs Other Approved
25 Nov 2020
11389 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan - PPP Legislative and Regulatory Framework Development Other Approved
24 Nov 2020
14405 Turkey DLT: Exploring the potential of using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to improve infrastructure services for green financial services Economics Approved
20 Nov 2020
13673 Regional Supervisory and Regulatory Reform TC Programme to Accelerate Equivalence under Art. 114 CRR Financial institutions Approved
19 Nov 2020
13695 Regional Regional: Smart Public Contract Registers to Empower Public Procurement Statistical Reporting, Market Analysis and Monitoring Other Approved
19 Nov 2020
14358 Regional Assessment of Potential for a Low-Carbon Hydrogen Economy in the EBRD Region: Demand, Supply and Regulatory Analysis Other Approved
19 Nov 2020
14440 Regional GEF: Circular Economy Regional Initiative (CERI) Other Approved
07 Sep 2020
12300 Uzbekistan Capacity Building for Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan Economics Approved

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