Project Summary Documents – Technical Cooperation

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Status
01 Nov 2021
2010 Regional Cross Sectoral Supplementary Environmental and Social Due Diligence and Monitoring Programme Sustainable Resources and Climate Change Approved
28 Oct 2021
15864 Greece Minagiotiko Dam PPP Project Sustainable Resources and Climate Change Approved
25 Oct 2021
13677 Moldova Digitalising and strengthening the operational capacity of the Moldovan Customs Service Other Approved
14 Oct 2021
15258 Ukraine Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Policy, Planning, Institutional Capacity and eProcurement Reform Framework Other Approved
14 Oct 2021
15824 Ukraine Assistance with Concept for Lifting of SOE Insolvency and Debt Enforcement Moratoria Other Approved
13 Oct 2021
15720 Regional SIG Digital Roadmaps and Compendium Other Approved
08 Sep 2021
13454 Ukraine Digital Knowledge Management and Skills Transfer in the Private Sector Agribusiness Approved
03 Sep 2021
8347 Regional Estonia and Latvia: EU Taxonomy Implementation and Sustainable Finance Roadmap Other Approved
22 Jul 2021
1730 Regional Western Balkans Regional Energy Efficiency Programme Phase II – Policy Dialogue - FC extension II Energy efficiency Approved
07 Jul 2021
15002 Serbia Support to the implementation of the e-Agrar reform in Serbia Other Approved

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