Climate finance

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EBRD, GCF and EU promote climate mitigation and adaptation in Morocco

€25 million financial package to Société Générale Maroc

EBRD, GCF and EU boost green investments in Morocco

Financial package of up to €25 million to Crédit du Maroc

North Macedonia’s pilot Green Financing Facility to receive funding from Joint SDG Fund

North Macedonia to become a pilot country for new EBRD-UN cooperation on blended green finance

Financing green agriculture in the Baltic states

€30 million loan to Scandagra Group to expand organic production

A more sustainable future for Izmir
A more sustainable future for Izmir

Turkish city to benefit from improved urban environment

EBRD green finance in 2021 hits record 51 per cent of €10.4 billion total

Private sector share of annual investment rises to more than three quarters

EBRD supports EV battery copper foil producer in Hungary

Loan of US$ 28 million to finance construction of production site in Tatabanya, Hungary

EBRD and EU promote energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

€6 million financing package for energy improvements in schools and hospitals

EBRD and donors support new district heating upgrades in Balti
150,000 citizens to benefit from Green City Action Plan backed by the EBRD and Sweden

€17 million follow-on investment under the EBRD Green Cities programme

EBRD, EU back maib in boosting financing for Moldovan firms

EU-backed loans for small businesses and a risk-sharing facility