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EBRD and TAQA Arabia promote private-to-private renewable energy in Egypt

Loan of up to US$ 10 million to TAQA PV for Solar Energy projects

Wider use of carbon markets to boost net-zero future – EBRD paper

Markets help raise green ambition by lowering cost of mitigation targets

First meeting of COP26 Energy Transition Council
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Representatives of 21 countries, international organisations issue statement

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Wind farms

Why the EBRD has resolved to go majority green by 2025

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President of the EBRD

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Addressing climate change is an opportunity, not a cost

The EBRD’s Josué Tanaka shares his big picture view of climate finance

Davr Bank joins EBRD’s Women in Business programme

New opportunities for SMEs and women entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan

EBRD presents Green TFP awards

Recognition for banks’ environmentally friendly projects in trade

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EBRD’s renewable energy investments surge ahead
Wind farms

Year of Covid-19 sees five major renewables projects in carbon-intensive Poland