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EBRD newsletter - Friday 5 June
A digest of recent news from the EBRD

A digest of recent news from the EBRD

Bohunice decommissioning passes major milestone

Pressure vessel at Slovak reactor successfully removed

Ignalina decommissioning reaches new milestone
Start of hot trial at Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

Delivery of final storage cask for spent nuclear fuel

Breakthrough in clean-up of Russia's Andreeva Bay
First shipment of spent nuclear fuel leaves Andreeva Bay

Successful removal of spent nuclear fuel leads to dramatic fall in radiation levels

A long-term solution to the Chernobyl problem
Two technicians walk through Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine

The 1986 disaster and our role in what has happened since

Chernobyl New Safe Confinement named one of the most influential projects of the last 50 years

Project Management Institute recognises international team

First successful shipment of spent nuclear fuel from Lepse in north west Russia

EBRD-managed nuclear safety project reaches new milestone

Keys handed over for Chernobyl New Safe Confinement

Largest ever international cooperation on nuclear safety successfully concluded