ACTIVE FILTERS: Small business

Mandakh University steps up online learning in Mongolia

EBRD and EU support prepared university for remote teaching during coronavirus pandemic

Maison de Senteurs responds to coronavirus by producing disinfectant gel

EBRD and EU helped Tunisian cosmetics producer strengthen its brand

EBRD launches online learning resource for small businesses

Crisis management advice to help more than 10,000 companies in 30 economies

Detergent producer helps Cyprus stay safe during coronavirus pandemic

Dağlı copes with high demand for sanitisers

EBRD and Eurobank increase availability of finance for Serbian SMEs
Support for local small businesses in Serbia amid coronavirus pandemic.

Loan of €40 million to help keep economy’s wheels turning

EBRD and EU support growth of Moldovan agricultural firm

With financing, Terrarica upgrades its machinery for increased efficiency and productivity

World Bee Day 2020: how to make honey

Step-by-step guide to making harmonious honey

EBRD and partners launch SME equity research programme

Six stock exchanges in south –eastern Europe join forces to improve access to finance

EBRD and EU support small business Blessing in Lebanon

During coronavirus and Ramadan the company helps families in need

Heliant’s healthcare platform helps save lives in Serbia

EBRD- and EU-funded business advice helps software company grow