Project Summary Documents – Technical Cooperation


Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Status
27 Feb 2020
11341 Regional TC Programme for Project Preparation Support of Gender and Economic Inclusion Projects in the Corporate Sector Agribusiness Approved
25 Feb 2020
9876 Regional TC Programme for Enhancing Public Procurement Practices: Quality Assurance and Capacity Building for Client-led Implementation Sustainability Approved
27 Jan 2020
12705 Regional Enhancing the capacity of civil society on good governance in Central Asia Working with EBRD Approved
16 Dec 2019
12622 Regional Project Manager of Climate Innovations in Ukraine, Belarus and feasibility study in Georgia – FINTECC Energy efficiency SP Com approved, TC Com approved
08 Nov 2019
12320 Regional Sustainable Infrastructure Policy and Project Preparation (SI3P) – Principle Policy Advisor Corporate information Approved
16 Oct 2019
12239 Regional Methane Emissions Reduction Programme in Gas Supply Chains in Egypt Energy efficiency Approved
07 Oct 2019
11796 Regional Cross-regional Origination and Implementation Support Framework for FI intermediated GET investments Financial institutions Approved
21 Aug 2019
74285 Regional Olives and olive oil in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank and Gaza Agribusiness Approved
05 Aug 2019
11700 Regional EBRD/IEA Sustainable Technology Roadmap and Analysis for the Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Energy efficiency Approved
25 Jun 2019
8333 Regional Extension of Support for the Secretariat to the Regional Chamber Investment Forum and Online Investment Platform for the Western Balkans Financial institutions Approved

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