Project Summary Documents – Technical Cooperation


Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Status
18 Jun 2021
12330 Regional EBRD-FAO Framework (2019 extension) Agribusiness Approved
18 Jun 2021
9204 Regional EBRD-FAO Framework Agribusiness Approved
25 May 2021
7579 Regional Regional Small Business Programme for Central Asia, Mongolia and Tunisia – Technical Cooperation Programme Financial institutions Approved
30 Mar 2021
14876 Regional Development of Natural Capital valorisation in support of Sustainable Development Goals in the region Sustainable Resources and Climate Change Approved
15 Mar 2021
14481 Regional COVID-19 Response: Regional Framework Project on Digital Transformation of Courts - Development of Online Courts for Small Claims Legal reform Approved
03 Mar 2021
14597 Regional Development and implementation of automated Digitalised Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (D-MRV) System for climate results Sustainable Resources and Climate Change Approved
28 Feb 2021
12804 Regional Gender and Economic Inclusion TC Framework Corporate information Approved
10 Feb 2021
13290 Regional E-Learning Programme on GET: Localisation of Courseware Energy efficiency Approved
18 Jan 2021
7925 Regional Business-matching and knowledge exchange with Taiwanese markets Agribusiness Approved
20 Nov 2020
13673 Regional Supervisory and Regulatory Reform TC Programme to Accelerate Equivalence under Art. 114 CRR Financial institutions Approved

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