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Grow your business in Lebanon

Innovation programme


At the EBRD, we recognise that innovation is one of the main drivers of growth: the key differentiator that helps SMEs increase market share, create more jobs and ensure business success and survival in the long term.

The EBRD’s Innovation programme in Lebanon offers grants for technical assistance to SMEs and start-ups who are seeking to invest in research and development for innovating their products and processes. The programme connects SMEs with researchers and research and development institutions who work with the companies to implement the innovations and make the businesses more competitive.

Eligible Sectors

The programme will prioritise SMEs operating in agribusiness, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ICT and creative industries and their value chains.

Priority will be also given to projects that further the EBRD and the EU’s strategic objectives of sustainable development through three cross-cutting themes: transition to green, equality of opportunity and digitalisation.

For further details on the programme and eligibility criteria, please refer to the brochure below.

Eligible Researchers

A researcher is a person who is active in research, affiliated with a university in Lebanon at a post-graduate or equivalent level and with at least four years of research experience. Research experience would be undertaken in recognised research settings, including universities, public or private research organisations, academies of science, and large-scale industrial actors.

Researchers must demonstrate a systematic understanding of a field of study and deep insight of the research associated with that field. The researcher must have contributed through original research that extends the frontier of knowledge by developing a substantial body of work, innovation or application.

What we offer

The Innovation programme consists of three progressive stages that are offered to companies on a competitive basis. Eligibility for all three stages will be assessed based on the company’s level of innovation, market size and sector. The programme will prioritise those companies that successfully complete the first component.

Component 1: Innovation vouchers for research and development

There will be three calls for applications per year for companies interested in working with researchers on innovating a product or a process. These €5,000 grants will allow companies to experiment and evaluate the feasibility of a well-developed idea.

Component 2: Innovation vouchers for additional research, go-to-market and commercialisation

One call for applications per year will target companies in the development phase of their research and support activities that help SMEs and start-ups go to market and commercialise. SMEs and start-ups may apply for several activities that do not to exceed a grant of EUR 30,000 and with a cost share from benefiting companies.

Component 3: Technical assistance for innovating SMEs and start-ups

Two calls for applications per year, one to select 15 SMEs and one to select seven start-ups. The engagement will involve strategic innovation business diagnostic workshops, advisory projects and mentorship, among others. SMEs and start-ups will have the chance to apply to an intensive and tailored 18-month programme intended to help them integrate and scale their innovations. SMEs and start-ups may apply for several activities that do not to exceed a grant of EUR 50,000 and with a cost share from benefiting companies.

Call for applications

We are recruiting SMEs and start-ups for the Programme throughout the year. Please refer to the submission windows below and FAQ below.

For companies that are interested in the Programme and have a researcher, please fill in the application form “Innovation Programme cohort application form - Joint application with a researcher” and email it with the required supporting documents to

Application form (Joint application with a researcher)



Windows for Application Submission

  • Cohort 1 – Component 1 - Innovation Vouchers for Research and Development
    • 13 April 2023 – May 19 2023
  • Cohort 2 – Component 1 – Innovation Vouchers for Research and Development
    • 10 July 2023 – 30 July 2023
  • Cohort 3 – Component 1 – Innovation Vouchers for Research and Development
    • 8 September 2023 – 2 October 2023

For companies that are interested in the programme but do not have a researcher, please fill in the “Innovation programme interest form – without a researcher” and send to The team will contact you to discuss your research needs.

Interest form (without a researcher)