Promoting sustainable tourism in North Macedonia

By Nina Tsintsadze

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EBRD and EU help Hotel Inex Olgica become greener and more competitive

Hotel Inex Olgica in North Macedonia is situated by the shore of Lake Ohrid - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its stunning landscapes and unique biodiversity. ‘’Living and working in this beautiful environment is a pleasure, but it is also a big responsibility’’, says Andrea Iloski Simonoska, General Manager of the hotel.

Andrea’s plan is to put Ohrid on the world map as a green tourist destination. That’s why the hotel has invested in a major upgrade of the building with support from the EBRD and the European Union. Renovations will cut the energy costs by more than half and included replacement of all external windows and doors, insulation of outer walls, rebuilding of the roof and a new heating and cooling system with heat pumps.

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