Ulaanbaatar Darkhan Road


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Ulaanbaatar Darkhan Road

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31 Mar 2022


Lkhanaajav Burentugs, owner of Dugan Khad Travel LCC

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Problem Solving and Compliance

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Request summary

The owner of a resort located on the 108 km of the Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan City road in the Tuv province, Mongolia, submitted a request to IPAM related to adverse impacts generated by road works financed by EBRD and ADB. According to the Requester, the road is the only access to their resort and has been closed since 2019 due to the expansion works. This has resulted in a sharp decrease in hotel bookings and loss of revenue leading to a mounting debt which they are unable to cover.

Furthermore, the Requester alleges that the construction works are showing severe delays and no information has been provided on progress. If the works continue for much longer, it is the Requester’s consideration that the resort will cease to operate completely.

Finally, they also claim that other local businesses and households are being negatively impacted by the works, amongst them 30 tourist camps, 6 livestock farms, 6 restaurants, 1 zoo, more than 100 agricultural companies and thousands of households located along the road.

The Requester, contacted both the Ministry of Roads and Transport Development (the Client) and the EBRD, but had no response from either. A similar complaint has been sent to the accountability mechanism of the Asian Development Bank.



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