Fearonomics: death of globalisation

By EBRD multimedia team

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Beata Javorcik, EBRD’s Chief Economist (current) and also professor of Economics at Oxford University and Sergei Guriev, EBRD former Chief Economist and professor of economics at Science Po.

The new episode of the EBRD’s  Fearonomics podcast explores the risks of rolling back globalisation, the phenomenon which connected the world’s economies as never before and saw cross-border trade in goods and services become the norm.

The financial crisis of 15 years ago highlighted how fast contagion can spread around the globe.

The Covid pandemic exposed how fragile supply chains can be.

And now Russia’s war on Ukraine suggests that economic links can be a source of weakness, not strength.

Listen to Jonathan Charles, the EBRD’s Managing Director of Communications, in discussion with Sergei Guriev, former EBRD Chief Economist and currently Professor of Economics at Science Po, and Beata Javorcik, the EBRD’s Chief Economist who is also Professor of Economics at Oxford University.

Will the war on Ukraine – and the sanctions imposed on Russia as a result - deliver a fatal blow to the concept which has underpinned our understanding of the world economy for decades?

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