The Paris Agreement

The EBRD and the Paris Agreement

In the context of its GET Approach 2021-2025, the EBRD is fully dedicated to supporting the economies in which it invests to meet their goals and commitments under the Paris Agreement.

From the end of 2022, all of the EBRD’s activities will be aligned with the Paris Agreement, a decision approved by our Board of Governors at our 2021 Annual Meeting.

The EBRD’s approach to aligning its activities with the Paris Agreement (“Paris alignment”) is an integral part of the Bank’s activities to support the climate action of the economies in which it invests. This support is delivered through a combination of policy and investment activities. It builds on the Bank’s commitment to promoting “environmentally sound and sustainable development” in the full range of its investment and technical cooperation activities.

The EBRD has worked with other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to develop an operational framework for Paris alignment. This joint MDB approach is based on six building blocks, seen as the core areas for alignment with the objectives of the Paris Agreement: 

  1. alignment with mitigation goals;
  2. adaptation and climate-resilient operations;
  3. accelerated contribution to the transition through climate finance;
  4. strategy, engagement and policy development;
  5. reporting; and
  6. alignment of internal activities.

The Bank also works together with the MDBs on implementation guidance for Paris Agreement alignment.

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