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Warning: EBRD 'private account' scam

Scam website designed to look like an EBRD product

Fraudsters can use this website to confuse their victims into believing they are dealing with a legitimate business

The EBRD is aware of a scam which aims to defraud the public by tricking them into believing that they hold private bank accounts with us and that, for a ‘fee’, the fraudsters can transfer the funds to them.  

Often, the scam involve false claims that a person has been awarded a sum of money from a recent court settlement, with fraudulent EBRD and court documents being provided.

The scam often involves reference to the website, (click through to this link at your own risk) including the fake banks ‘EuropeanB’ or ‘EuropeanB for Development’. 

Other common features of the scam are:

  • References to fictitious individuals who are said to work for the EBRD, including Charles Dawson; Valery Hillman; James Olsen; Margatethe Moore; Dr Daniel Seibold;  Dr James Seibold; Dr Joseph Seibold. The email account ‘’ is often used. 
  • Document and correspondence from a fictitious law firm ‘Roshental s.a.’ with the website (click through to this link at your own risk) and from its fake ‘international lawyer’ lawyer Dr Valery Hillman (;
  • Fake documents that are said to be ‘Court of Appeal Certificates’ or ‘Final Payment Orders’ that are purportedly issued by UK judicial institutions, such as from the Supreme Court.

 For the avoidance of doubt

1. Our official name is the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development or EBRD

2. Our logo is a blue roundel (shown top left of this page)

3. We are a multilateral development bank based in London.

4. Private individuals cannot hold bank accounts with us, whether at our office in Cyprus or anywhere else.

Anyone who approaches you by email or social media and suggests that you, as a private individual, have a sum of money deposited in an EBRD account and that they can unblock the account and transfer the funds to you is very likely to be trying to defraud you.

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