Older versions of Procurement Documents (English, French, Russian versions)

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The Procurement Documents below have previously been approved for use prior to 2019.

When using older versions of tender documents or when drafting any documents based on documents other than the SPDs 2019, Clients shall ensure that the covenants and provisions concerning the Bank’s Enforcement Policy and Procedures and Environmental and Social Policy are reflected in the Procurement Documents and contracts (using verbatim the respective wording set out in the SPDs 2019).

Standard Prequalification Documents (2016) (zip format)

Standard Documents for Supply and Installation and Equipment (2016-2018) (zip format)

Standard Documents for Goods with Guide EBRD/MDB Harmonised (2018) (zip format)

Standard Documents for Works with Guide EBRD/MDB Harmonised (2011-2016-2018) (zip format)


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