EBRD’s Green Bond Issuance

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EBRD has been issuing Green Bonds since 2010, as reflected in the presentation: “Focus on Environment”

  • EBRD’s Green Bond Frameworks
  • Selection Process
  • Reporting (use of proceeds and expected impact)
  • Mapping of the EBRD’s Green Bond Frameworks to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Impact reporting methodological references
  • Use of proceeds language in the relevant bond documentation

Read “Focus on Environment” Presentation

The EBRD’s Green Bonds are issued in accordance with the Green Bond Principles (“GBP”).

EBRD has earmarked three separate thematic portfolios under which it can issue Green Bonds consistent with the four core principles of the GBP:-

  • Environmental Sustainability Bonds
  • Climate Resilient Bonds
  • Green Transition Bonds

Environmental Sustainability Bonds have been EBRD’s main Green Bond offering to date, focusing on a “deep green portfolio”.

Read the “Framework for Environmental Sustainability Bonds”

FAQ-EBRD Environmental Sustainability Bonds

CICERO – EBRD – Second Opinion 27 July 2013

Climate Resilient Bonds have an underlying portfolio of climate resilient investments that are consistent with the CBI’s Climate Resilience Principles.

Read the “Framework for Climate Resilient Bonds”

FAQ-EBRD’s Climate Resilient Bonds

Green Transition Bonds have proceeds linked to assets that can provide substantial emissions’ reductions in sectors, such as manufacturing, that will contribute to the transition to a net-zero resilient economy.

Read the “Framework for Green Transition Bonds”

FAQ-EBRD’s Green Transition Bonds

Press Release - EBRD issues USD 700 Million 5-year Climate Resilience Bond

Press Release – EBRD issues EUR 600 million 5 year Green Bond

Press Release – EBRD issues USD 650 million 3 year Green Bond

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