Podisor Pipeline: Execution of the gas transmission pipeline Black Sea Coast - Podisor

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Project goods, works and services

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General Procurement notices

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02 Aug 2019

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01 Aug 2020   at  23:00   Local time


Execution of the gas transmission pipeline Black Sea Coast - Podisor (including electricity, cathodic protection and fiber optic)

SNTGN Transgaz SA (“Transgaz”) has applied for a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development [the Bank] and intends using its proceeds for the development of the Tuzla-Podisor gas pipeline project (the “Project”).

The proposed Project is part of the EC’s PCI “ROHUAT/BRUA –2nd phase” (“Black Sea shore – Podisor pipeline for taking over Black Sea gas”), with objectives to 1) develop transmission capacities that would allow to deliver natural gas to the market from the newly developed Black Sea offshore fields; 2) diversify sources of gas supply to consumers in Romania; 3) expand transmission network to the Central European markets by interconnecting with the BRUA and allowing access to the future major gas infrastructure projects such as TAP as well as  gas hubs in Central Europe.

Within the Project, Transgaz has announced an open tender procedure for the construction of the Black Sea Shore – Podisor natural gas transmission pipeline, including electrical power, cathodic protection and optical fibre supply, with a total estimated value in the range of 287 and 330 Mln EUR and deadline for receiving the tenders on 31 October 2019.

Tender is subject to the Romanian public procurement law, namely Law 99/2016 on Sectorial Procurement (“Sectorial Law”) and is open to firms from any country.

The public procurement documents are available for direct unrestricted complete and free access at:  www.sicap-prod.e-licitatie.ro, Contract notice no. CN1007189 / 11.12.2018.

Additional information to the ones available on the abovementioned website can be asked to:

Ref. contact:     Special Project Procurement Directorate

Client:               Societatea Nationala de Transport Gaze Naturale Transgaz S.A. Medias

Address:          Piata C.I. Motas nr. 1, Medias, 551018 (official website: www.transgaz.ro)

Telephone no.: +40 269801523

Email:              avram.luca@transgaz.ro , monica.petrescu@transgaz.ro, alina.tudorache@transgaz.ro

Fax:                  +40 269844832