EBRD Vice President, in Chisinau, pledges support for Moldovan reforms

By Olga Rosca

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Alain Pilloux visits Moldova for talks with government 

Alain Pilloux, EBRD Vice President and Matteo Patrone, Managing Director for Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and the Caucasus, are visiting Chisinau for talks with the Moldovan authorities.

The EBRD delegation, including Angela Sax, the Bank’s Head in Moldova, met Prime Minister Maia Sandu, Speaker of the Parliament Zinaida Greceanii, Economy Minister Vadim Brinzan, Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilita, and Central Bank Governor Octavian Armasu.

Discussions focused on much-needed reforms, the business environment, and ways to finance local companies’ growth to create jobs, support the development of infrastructure and increase the flow of foreign investment to the country.

Vice President Pilloux commended the latest agreement reached with the IMF as a sign of Moldova’s commitment to reforms, including tax compliance and modernisation of the banking sector. He also welcomed news that the EU stands ready to unlock aid to the country.

Mr Pilloux told Prime Minister Sandu: “The EBRD remains fully committed to Moldova. Building on the turnaround of the banking sector, the country needs further progress in creating a stable and reliable business climate. More favourable conditions for both local and foreign investors will help businesses grow, create jobs and curb emigration. The Bank is prepared to step up its advisory work for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and increase their access to finance through local lenders. It also aims to help modernise state-owned companies and finance projects that have a direct impact on people’s lives such as improvements in waste management, water supply, public transport and healthcare.

“We stand ready to support the government’s reform agenda with investment, advice and technical assistance.”

Vice President Pilloux also urged the authorities to step up the implementation of large infrastructure projects, including road building and the upgrade of railways.

The Bank is a leading institutional investor in Moldova and to date has invested over €1.2 billion in the country. It also provides business advice to local SMEs and has to date helped about 1,000 Moldovan firms improve their performance and grow.


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