A healthy dose of finance for Poland’s pharma sector

By Axel  Reiserer

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EBRD providing PLN 200 million loan to country’s largest pharma distribution group

  • EBRD loan of up to PLN 200 million to largest pharma distribution group in Poland
  • Financing of expansion, innovation and energy efficiency improvements
  • Company plans to implement state-of-the-art solutions

Polish citizens will have far greater access to medication thanks to an EBRD loan of up to PLN 200 million (€47 million equivalent) to finance the market expansion of Pelion S.A., the largest pharmaceutical distribution group in the country.

Pelion will continue the strategic expansion of its retail operations. It will implement state-of-the-art automated solutions to strengthen its e-commerce presence and improve clients’ satisfaction. Investments will also support the roll out of new types of innovative pharmaceutical products.

Additional investments are planned to improve energy efficiency through the upgrade of Pelion’s warehouses and stores with the goal of making them eligible for green certification.

Grzegorz Zieliński, EBRD, Regional Director Central Europe and the Baltics, said: “We are committed to building a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with Pelion that will not only help expand the company, but also address multiple transition challenges.”

Jacek Szwajcowski, Founder and CEO of Pelion S.A., added: “I strongly believe that our partnership with the EBRD is the next step in Pelion’s history and will strengthen our position in core markets and serve as a stepping stone for our expansion.”

Pelion is owned by the holding company Korporacja Inwestycyjna Polskiej Farmacji Sp. z o.o. The company’s main services cover wholesale, retail sale and sale to hospitals. It is based in Poland and also operates in Lithuania.

Following the company’s successful public-to-private transaction, Pelion will further improve its operational performance through various initiatives.  The EBRD funding will support simultaneous investments across Pelion’s business lines and geographies.

To date, the EBRD has invested more than €9.6 billion in 413 project in Poland. Strengthening local companies with a view of supporting their regional integration and expansion is one of the Bank’s priorities as the Polish economy continues its successful development.

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