EBRD lends €25 million to Turkey’s packaging firm Sarten Ambalaj

By Olga Rosca

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  • EBRD €25 million loan for packaging producer Sarten Ambalaj
  • Company to invest in improved resource efficiency
  • Strengthening competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets

Sarten Ambalaj, a leading regional packaging producer based in Turkey, will become more resource efficient thanks to investments made possible with a €25 million loan arranged by the EBRD.

The financing package includes a €2 million parallel loan from the Clean Technology Fund under the EBRD’s Near Zero Waste programme.  

The funds will help Sarten Ambalaj reduce the consumption of steel plates in metal packaging and cut down the energy and the materials it uses in the production of plastic packaging, driving carbon emissions down.

The company aims to save 1,200 tonnes of raw steel per year by using thinner steel plates. Energy efficiency improvements will also help save an equivalent of 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. 

In addition, the new funds will refinance an existing Bank loan.  

Sarten Ambalaj offers metal containers for various industries, including canned foods, cooking oil, aerosols, engine oils and paints. It also produces plastic packaging for paints, ketchup, cleaning materials and cosmetics industries.

Introducing new environmentally-friendly, resource efficient technologies will help Sarten Ambalaj realise its ambition to further expand overseas operations. The company currently exports to more than 50 countries.

Zeki Sarıbekir, the CEO of Sarten Ambalaj, said, “This loan from EBRD will help us use our resources more effectively and make our production more environmentally-friendly. We will cut down our consumption of steel sheets and plastic raw material and reduce our energy use and carbon emissions. Sustainability has always been among our top priorities.”

Sarten Ambalaj was founded in 1972 as a family-owned business. In 2015, the Japanese investment and trading conglomerate Mitsui & Co., Ltd. acquired a 15 per cent-stake in the firm.  

Helping successful Turkish companies such as Sarten Ambalaj stay competitive in domestic and foreign markets is one of the ways how the EBRD is supporting Turkey’s economy.

The Bank is a leading institutional investor in the country and has invested over €11 billion in 283 projects in Turkey since 2009. The overwhelming majority of EBRD investments in Turkey are in the private sector.

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