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30 Oct 2018



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28 Dec 2018

Translated version of this PSD: Ukrainian

Project Description

The provision of a long-term loan of up to US$ 12.5 million to Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny LLC to finance the expansion of its pig breeding capacities , the construction of a meat-processing factory, bio-waste recycling facility and related working capital financing.

Project Objectives

The Project will lead to the increase of production capacities, enhanced vertical integration and the introduction of the best environmental practices.

Transition Impact

The transition impact is derived from the project supporting further vertical integration of the business resulting in significant efficiency gains and cost savings/greater profitability beyond prevailing standards in the country/region (Competitive quality). Furthermore, the project will support the utilisation of straw for the production of heat expected to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) emissions and the introduction of best available waste management practices, including the production of by-products from animal wastes (Green quality).

Client Information


Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny LLC is the main operating entity of a vertically integrated group of companies engaged in crop farming, pig breeding and meat processing in Ukraine.

EBRD Finance Summary

USD 12,500,000.00

Senior long-term loan of up to US$ 12.5 million.

Total Project Cost

USD 63,997,000.00

Environmental and Social Summary

Categorised B (ESP 2014). Nyva is an existing client of the EBRD and was subject to an independent environmental and social due diligence when the first project was undertaken on 2013. An Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) was agreed with the Company to ensure compliance with the Bank's Performance Requirements (PRs) and the Company has been implementing that ESAP in the intervening period.

In the context of this new project, additional third party environmental , social and animal welfare due diligence was undertaken to, first, monitor implementation of actions agreed under the existing project and, second, understand the additional environmental and social impacts that might be associated with the construction of the proposed new facilities. In general, the company effectively deals with the key environmental and social issues. New developments and technologies selected by the company are in line with the EU and the Ukrainian legal requirements.

Animal welfare is maintained at a very high level and the company is committed to improving the welfare of pigs as evidenced by the commitment to ensure that all new facilities are designed and constructed to EU standards. Likewise with biosecurity which the Company understands is one of the main risk issues with the implementation of strict biosecurity procedures being a top priority with a high level of compliance.

Improvements required to ensure on-going compliance with the Bank's PRs have been structured within a revised ESAP, which has been agreed with the Company. The Company will be required to continue reporting on implementation of the ESAP and any other environmental or social issues on an annual basis. 

Technical Cooperation

A significant part of the legal and environmental and social due diligence costs has been covered by grant funding from the Japan-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund.

Company Contact Information

Oleksandr Kucher, Chief Financial Officer

a.kucher@niva-sa.com.ua +380456728192 +380456728160 


08420, Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny LLC 2 Pryvokzalna str v. Pereyaslavske district of Pereyaslav- Khmelnitskiy region of Kiev Ukraine

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