EBRD Board of Directors to visit Baltic states

By Axel  Reiserer

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Shareholder representatives to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Representatives of the EBRD Board of Directors will next week visit the three Baltic states. The fact-finding mission will begin in Lithuania on Monday, continue in Latvia on Tuesday and Wednesday and conclude in Estonia on Friday.

The EBRD Board Directors will have the opportunity to meet government representatives and businesses, as well as visit EBRD investment projects. The participants will gain first-hand experience of how the Bank is implementing its strategies for the three countries. It is the first visit by the EBRD Board to the region since 2002.

The EBRD Board will be represented by:

  • Peter Basch, Alternate Director for the European Union
  • Johann Ernst, Alternate Director for Germany
  • Jorgen Frotzler, Director for Sweden/Iceland/Estonia
  • Laszlo Havas, Director for Hungary/Czech Republic/Slovak Republic/Croatia/Georgia
  • Johannes Koskinen, Director for Finland/Norway/Latvia/Lebanon
  • Brian McCauley, Alternate Director for the United States
  • Kalin Mitrev, Alternate Director for Poland/Bulgaria/Albania
  • Jaap Rooimans, Alternate Director for the Netherlands/Mongolia/FYR Macedonia/Armenia/China
  • Sofja Ribkina, Adviser for Finland/Norway/Latvia/Lebanon
  • Paul Ryan, Director for Ireland/Denmark/Lithuania/Kosovo
  • Johannes Seiringer, Director for Austria/Israel/Cyprus/Malta/Kazakhstan/Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Aloyzas Vitkauskas, Adviser for Ireland/Denmark/Lithuania/Kosovo.

The Directors will be accompanied by Grzegorz Zieliński, Regional Head, Poland and the Baltic states; Mateusz Szczurek, Senior Regional Lead Economist; Marcin Tomaszewski, Associate Economist; and Matti Hyyrynen, Head of the Baltic states.

The EBRD has been investing in the Baltic states since they regained their independence in 1991. To date, total investment stands at more than €2 billion through almost 250 projects (Estonia: €605million/83 projects; Latvia: €657 million/90 projects; Lithuania: €751 million/83 projects). The current EBRD priorities for each country include improving energy efficiency and energy security, as well as boosting private sector competitiveness through innovation.

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