Road Reconstruction and Upgrading Project

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Contract type:

Consultancy Services

Notice type:

Invitation for tenders

Issue date:

25 Apr 2018

Closing date:

14 Jun 2018   at  17:00   Local time

Single Stage Open Competitive Selection – Request for Proposals


CS-02-EBRD-2018 – Construction Supervision of Civil Works Contract for the Rehabilitation of (R42) Bahramtapa to Bilesuvar Road (60 Km)



Executing Agency (Client):


Name of Agency: State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads

Address:  Block 2025, R. Ismayilovstr, Bilajari settlement, Binaqadi district,

Country: Baku, Azerbaijan

Postal Code: AZ1117


The Client Contact Person:


Marahim Alakbarov

PIU Procurement Specialist

State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads

Address:  Block 2025, R. Ismayilovstr, Bilajari settlement, Binaqadi district,

City: Baku

Postal Code: AZ1117

Country: Azerbaijan

Email: copy to



Project Description:


The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan (the Borrower) is in receipt of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and intends to use proceeds from the loan to undertake a project (the Project) of road rehabilitation. 


The works includes the rehabilitation of 60 km Bahramtapa - Bilesuvar road section that starts at the roundabout on the M6 and ends at the junction at the end of the Bilesuvar western bypass. Reconstruction of the two lane single carriageway roads mainly follow the existing alignment includes earthworks, construction of pavement, drainage systems, the replacement of three bridges and the installation of road furniture and road markings. The IA intends to award one civil works contract for the rehabilitation of the R42 Bahramtapa to Bilesuvar Road.


Assignment Description:


The Client now intends to select and contract a consulting company (the Consultant) to the Assignment, on the basis of the Consultancy Procurement Document (CPD) in attachment.


The expected outcome of the Assignment is for the Consultant to assist the Client in the administration of the Bank-funded works contracts (hereinafter also referred to as “the Contract”) and carry out the duties of the Engineer assigned to him in the works contracts.


The objective of the consultancy services are:

  1. Review of detailed design and approve drawings for construction of the road by the civil works contractor. Revise/update Bill of Quantities on monthly basis in light of available information and report it to the client with remedial actions, if require, as part of monthly progress report.
  2. Ensure that the permanent and temporary works have been designed and are constructed in accordance with the technical specifications and standards forming part of the civil works contract with the Contractors;
  3. Advise IA on all matters concerning implementation of the civil works contracts including quality control, progress of work, arbitration or litigation, certification for payments;
  4. Ensure compliance with safeguards, including the management of environmental mitigation plans;
  5. Provide the staff of the IA with on-site training in contract administration and other procedures relevant to site supervision and contract administration.


The Consultant shall ensure the timely supervision and control of the civil works and exercise all reasonable care to protect the interests of the Employer. While performing the assignment, reasonable care should be taken to minimize climatic impacts and to implement greenhouse gas reduction measures.

The Consultant shall be the Engineer under the contracts and perform the duties and authority of the Engineer as defined in the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction for Works designed by the Employer (FIDIC MDB 2010).

The Consultant shall agree with the Client the duties to be delegated by the Engineer to the site supervision team. All delegations shall be in writing and observe the requirements of Sub-Clause 3.2 of the Conditions of Contract for the civil works.

The Consultant shall perform the Services in accordance with the laws and any other instruments having force of law in Azerbaijan as may be issued and in force from time to time.


The selected Consultant is expected to provide the following services:

  • Pre-construction activities;
  • Administration of the civil works contracts;
  • Approval of contractors' materials, construction techniques and programs of works;
  • Direct supervision of the works and monitoring of progress;
  • Technical assistance during works execution;
  • Preparation of mandatory Project reporting;
  • Assisting the Client on Project closure.


Consultant Selection Procedure: Single stage open competitive selection

Interested firms of groups of firms are invited to submit a Technical and Financial Proposal.


Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in July 2018 and has an estimated overall duration of 24 months for supervision + 24 months for Defects Liability Period.


Input estimate for the Assignment: The estimated input of the key experts will be 213 Man-month and estimated input of the non-key experts will be 144 Man-months.


Subject to availability of funding, the performance of the selected Consultant and the specific needs of the Client the Assignment may be extended beyond the current scope.


Funding Source: The contract will be financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Selection and contracting is subject to the availability of funding.


Eligibility:  There are no eligibility restrictions based on the consultant's country of origin.


Submission Requirements: In order to determine the capability and experience of Consultants seeking to be selected, the Consultant shall submit a Response in accordance with the CPD.


Important Notes:


1. The selection will normally be made from the Proposals received in response to this notification only, on the basis of the selection criteria set out in the CPD. The highest-ranked Consultant will be selected and be invited to negotiate the contract, subject to availability of funding.


2. Any updates of and clarifications on this procurement notice and/or the CPD shall be announced as updates on this notice, without any other notification. In the event of changes to the CPD, consultants will need to download the updated version of the CPD. Consultants are required to periodically check the notice for updates. Failure to take the updates into account while preparing the Proposal may result in disqualification or penalties to the scores in the evaluation.


3. The CPD may be obtained from the office at the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of AZN 500 or USD 300 or equivalent in a convertible currency. The method of payment will be cash or by bank transfer to:


Beneficiary:                              State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads, ID No.: 9900013141

Bank:                                       Azerbaijan International Bank, “Nagliyyat” Branch

SWIFT:                                     IBAZAZ2X

Account Number:                     AZ21IBAZ38050019449345490205 AZN

AZ11IBAZ38150018409345490205 USD

Bank Identification Number:     9900001881


Upon receipt of appropriate evidence of payment of the non-refundable fee, the CPD will promptly be dispatched by courier arranged by the Consultant; however, no liability can be accepted for their loss or late delivery.


If requested, instead of a hard copy the CPD can be dispatched electronically in PDF format. If so, the Consultant is required to send an email requesting documents electronically. Please attach a copy of the receipt issued by the bank for payment made to the bank as described above.


The applicable procurement rules are the Bank’s Procurement Policies and Rules (PP&R, Rev. November 2017) which can be located at: