EBRD approves new country strategy for Poland

By Axel  Reiserer

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EBRD approves new country strategy for Poland

Bank continues engagement to tackle remaining transition challenges

  • EBRD Board approves new country strategy for period 2018-23
  • Bank to focus on competitiveness, resilience and green economy
  • Total investment stands at €9 billion to date.

The EBRD Board of Directors has approved a new country strategy for Poland which will direct the Bank’s engagement in the country for the period 2018-23.

The report says: “Poland’s well-diversified economy has helped to insulate it from disruptive shocks, but further structural reforms are necessary to increase growth and productivity.” To support these efforts, the EBRD will focus on three priorities:

  • Enhancing competitiveness through innovation, commercialisation and stronger global links: The EBRD will support the growth of competitive companies and their expansion on the domestic markets and abroad, the promotion of market-based reform and practices among state-owned enterprises and increased private sector participation in state-dominated sectors.
  • Promoting Green Economy Transition: The EBRD will support improved energy and resource efficiency, the increased use of renewable energy, a more diversified energy mix and reduced air pollution.
  • Strengthening resilience through expanded and diversified equity and debt capital markets: The EBRD will support the development of deep and diversified debt and equity capital markets and the creation of stable and resilient funding structures in the banking sector.

The EBRD started working in Poland in 1991 and to date has invested €9.025 billion in 402 projects. Of this cumulative investment, 89 per cent is in the private sector. The EBRD has been investing in all sectors of the Polish economy with a special focus on the development of the local capital market, support of cross-border expansion of local companies, strengthening competitiveness and support for the green economy.

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