The rise of populism

By Cecilia Calatrava

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New episode of Pocket Economics podcast

“Fake news is essential to the rise of populism. We’re living in an interesting experiment where right wing or left wing populists make misleading or sometimes outright incorrect statements, and yet get away with that.”

In the new episode of our ‘Pocket Economics’ podcast, we discuss ‘populism’, one of the defining political themes of the 21st century.

Populists may be militarists, pacifists, admirers of Che Guevara or of Ayn Rand; they range from climate activists to climate change deniers. But what makes them all ‘populists’?

Is populism a threat, something we should be afraid of? Or a corrective for democracy when it stops working as it should?

Listen to Sergei Guriev in conversation with Jonathan Charles.


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