CLIMADAPT helps build climate resilience

By Jonathan Wells

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More than 2,250 Tajik households have benefited so far

CLIMADAPT is a US$ 10 million credit line programme and a pilot initiative to facilitate access to climate resilience technologies improving the use of water, energy and land resources in Tajikistan.

The programme is an example of partnership building between the EBRD and financial institutions to promote the climate adaptation through the private sector in Tajikistan.

CLIMADAPT is supported by the United Kingdom, the Climate Investment Funds and the EBRD Early Transition Countries Fund (donors include: Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taipei China and the United Kingdom).

To date, the EBRD’s programme of financing facilities has been expanded to 127 partner financial institutions in 25 countries.

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