Performance Requirements and Guidance

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EBRD-financed projects are expected to be designed and operated in compliance with good international practices relating to sustainable development. To help our clients and their projects achieve this, we have defined ten performance requirements covering the key areas of environmental and social issues and impacts.

The performance requirements provide a solid base from which clients can improve the sustainability of their business operations.

Where possible, projects should avoid adverse impacts on workers, communities, and the environment. If avoidance is not possible, negative impacts should be reduced, mitigated or compensate for, as appropriate.

New facilities or business activities financed by us must be designed to meet the performance requirements from the outset.

If a proposed business activity relates to existing facilities that do not meet the requirements at the time of Board approval, the client will be required to adopt and implement a satisfactory Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP).

If we are to provide general corporate finance, working capital or equity financing for a multi-site company, the client will be required to develop and implement an ESAP at the corporate level (as opposed to the site-specific level).

This must be both technically and financially feasible, and deliverable within an acceptable time frame.

EBRD Performance Requirements (PRs) are set out in the EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy.

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