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Investment Climate and Governance Community of Practice: Knowledge Management and Policy Coordinator



Funding source:

EBRD Shareholder Special Fund

Contract type:

Consultancy Services

Notice type:

Invitation for expressions of interest (CSU)

Issue date:

27 Jun 2016

Closing date:

18 Jul 2016   at  23:59   London

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ("EBRD" or the "Bank") is seeking consultants to support a new centralised approach to knowledge management within the Bank (the "Project").


A wide array of EBRD departments and teams conduct policy dialogue and provide advisory services in support of reform in the Bank’s countries of operations. This policy reform work is often ad hoc – motivated by particular obstacles that emerge in the course of the Bank’s investment activities or in response to local demand – rather than strategic in nature. As a result there is limited central coordination of the Bank’s policy dialogue in a number of areas, which leads to a suboptimal allocation of the Bank’s human and financial resources and insufficient focus on the priorities outlined in the Bank’s country strategies.

The Bank now seeks to lay the foundations for a co-ordinated, centralised approach to knowledge management within the Bank.

The Bank is in the process of selecting and engaging a Knowledge Management Coordinator (the "KM Consultant"), who will design and implement a knowledge management system built around "communities of practice" ("CoPs") - networks of experts across the Bank working on clearly identified areas where multi-disciplinary expertise is needed and where strong synergies can be derived from a community approach using appropriate coordination tools. One such proposed CoP is in the area of Investment Climate and Governance (the "ICG CoP").

Description of the Project

EBRD has long recognised that successful reforms require good governance institutions, inclusiveness and robust economic structures. In 2014 the Bank launched the "Investment Climate and Governance Initiative" ("ICGI") to strengthen its capacity to foster transition through policy dialogue and national-level initiatives for good governance and a better investment climate.

The ICG CoP will provide two core functions: (1) enhanced information-sharing and knowledge management; and (2) enhanced policy coordination. Through more effective coordination, the ICG CoP will enable the ICG team to strengthen the strategic coherence of the Bank's work across all of these areas, and to ensure more efficient allocation of the Bank’s human and financial resources.

The KM Consultant will have overall charge of the Project to ensure a consistent approach and implementation of the ICG CoP within the Bank's overall knowledge management system and the Consultant engaged for this Assignment (the "ICG CoP Consultant") will liaise with and, where required, receive instructions from the KM Consultant.

Description of the Assignment

The ICG CoP Consultant's aims are to enhance the coordination of the Bank’s policy reform dialogue and policy advisory support in the broad area of investment climate and governance reform. For this purpose, 'investment climate and governance reform' is understood to mean 'reform of the investment climate and economic governance institutions and practices', with a particular emphasis on the interface between the private sector and the state.

The ICG CoP Consultant, who will be based at the Bank’s headquarters in London for the duration of the Assignment, will assist the ICG team to efficiently establish and coordinate the knowledge management and policy dialogue functions of the ICG CoP.

The primary outcome of this Assignment will be enhanced strategic coherence and thus impact of the Bank's policy reform dialogue, reform advocacy and reform advisory services in the area of investment climate and governance reform, through more efficient knowledge management and more effective policy dialogue reform coordination within the Bank.

The Assignment will be implemented in 3 phases, as described below.

Phase 1: Pre-Launch of the ICG CoP (4 months)

  • Working with and supporting the ICG team on the design of the knowledge management and coordination functions, procedures and mechanisms of the ICGI CoP.
  • Mapping existing knowledge and ongoing policy dialogue in support of investment climate and governance reform within EBRD, including identifying the EBRD teams and individuals to participate in the CoP and its thematic working groups.
  • Act as a liaison between the ICG Team and the KM Consultant, including providing feedback on the best design approach for the ICG CoP.

Phase 2: Implementation and Coordination of the ICG CoP (up to 7 months

  • Implement the recommendations of the KM Consultant for the launch of the ICG CoP, including revision of any existing protocols and procedures devised during Phase 1.
  • Assist and support the ICG team in the implementation of the IT platform which will be purchased by the Bank to assist in the delivery of the Project and enhance knowledge- and information-sharing.
  • Ensuring that the ICG CoP is successfully launched on the basis of a solid and sustainable organisational model that will enhance policy reform delivery across the Bank.

Phase 3: Assignment Report and Recommendations (1 month)

  • Report to the ICG Team on the results of the ICG CoP pilot, lessons learned and recommendations for a more permanent structure for the ICG CoP in line with the Bank’s overall knowledge management system.

Status of the Selection Process: Interested individuals are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected commence around August 2016 and last for 12 months. Subject to business needs, availability of further funding and consultant's performance, the contract may be extended.

Cost Estimate for the Assignment: GBP 50,000, exclusive of VAT.

The Consultant must determine whether any VAT would be chargeable on the services and the basis for that determination, without taking into consideration the special status of the Bank as an IFI and state this to the Bank in their response to the Invitation for Expressions of Interest. To the extent that a Consultant incurs input VAT on goods and services purchased in connection with the provision of services (eg VAT on airline ticket) which is not otherwise recoverable by the consultant from the local tax authority, the gross cost to the consultant of such expenses shall be treated as a reimbursable expense.

Funding Source: It is expected that the Assignment will be funded from the EBRD's Shareholder Special Fund. Selection and contracting will be subject to availability of the funding.

Eligibility: There are not eligibility restrictions.

Consultant Profile: Individual services are sought. Firms may propose individuals, but the evaluation will be based on the skills and expertise of the individual and not the firm.

Applications from candidates are being sought with the following qualifications, experience, knowledge and personal qualities:

• At least one postgraduate degree in governance, economics, political science, political economy, public policy/administration, international relations, or a related field

• Demonstrated experience in investment climate and governance reform and/or other similar type of work
• Excellent project management skills and a proven track record of delivery of complex projects
• Ability to engage constructively and communicate efficiently with a wide array of disciplinary teams and to multi-task on a daily basis
• Experience of working with international financial institutions such as EBRD

• Understanding of EBRD's mandate and operating model an advantage

• Professional report-writing and editing skills
• Ability to communicate fluently in English (verbal and written)
• Knowledge of one or more languages spoken in EBRD's countries of operation - in particular experience of working or studying in the EBRD region would be considered an advantage
• Computer literacy, including advanced Excel and PowerPoint

Submission Requirements: In order to determine the qualifications and competence of consultants seeking to be shortlisted, the information submitted should include the following:

1. Cover letter (maximum 2 pages) summarising why the expert believes to satisfy the requirements as defined in the above section Consultant Profile;

2. CV which should include full descriptions of responsibilities carried out, not just a job title, including information on contracting entity/client, project location/country, duration (mm/yy to mm/yy), expert months provided (if different from duration) , main activities, objectives.

3. Completed Consultant Declaration Form and Contact Sheet, the template for which is available from the following web-link:

The complete expression of interest, including cover letter, CV, and Consultant Declaration and Contact Sheet, Expressions of Interest should be submitted in English electronically through e-Selection, to reach the Bank not later than the closing date.

Bank Contact Person:

Angela Levitsky
Technical Co-operation
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Tel: + 44 20 7338 6363


1. Selection and contracting will normally be made from the responses to this notification. The Consultant will be selected from a shortlist.

2. Following evaluation of the submissions, up to 6 of the highest rated individuals will be invited to attend interview as part of the selection process, where the qualifications, experience, knowledge and personal qualities of candidates can be assessed.

3. Consulting firms proposing individuals may apply but the evaluation will be based on the experience and expertise of the individual and not of the firm. Consulting firms proposing more than one individual expert shall submit one complete individual application for each expert via eSelection.

4. The shortlist criteria are:

a. Background and qualifications in related fields/subjects - 10%
b. Demonstrated experience in investment climate and governance reform and/or other similar type of work - 30%

c. Experience of project management and track record in delivery of complex projects - 25%
d. Experience of working with international financial institutions similar to EBRD - 10%
e. Personal qualities to be assessed at interview - 25%

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