Preparing your business for financing

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The EBRD is a committed long-term partner for private sector companies in our countries of operation. We understand that sustained and sustainable growth requires not just financing, but a robust suite of advisory offerings to help businesses to improve operations, efficiencies, and profitability.

Our clients face numerous challenges, from skills’ shortages to currency crises, as well as unique internal issues that may prevent growth and access to finance. In response, we have developed a set of advisory tools to help our potential and existing clients to overcome common barriers to accessing finance and skills. These tools range from the very specific (i.e. applicable to one sector or one value chain) to the more general (i.e. addressing challenges that may be faced by different companies in different countries), and include programmes to:

  • Encourage innovative and resource-efficient investments by reducing some of the typical costs associated with EBRD financing. 
  • Identify and address critical reputational and operational gaps, in areas such as animal welfare, corporate governance or financial reporting and management.
  • Bolster financial skills, encourage knowledge-exchange, and sponsor business-matching opportunities for company employees.
  • Boost investment in under-served countries and sectors by offering tailored financing options, which decrease the cost of finance.
Examples of our support programmes
Knowledge Economy  Fostering innovation, new products and processes as well as knowledge-exchange
Green Economy Transition Supporting energy and resource efficiency across food value chains
Animal Welfare Standards Promoting standards in line with national, international and relevant EU standards
Financial Reporting and Management Strengthening companies capacity to improve their financial management and reporting practices
Corporate Governance in Family-Owned Businesses Prioritising good governance standards, policies and practices to enable companies’ growth 


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