Bishkek Street Lighting Project


Kyrgyz Republic

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Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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13 Dec 2017



PSD disclosed:

08 Feb 2016

Translated version of this PSD: Russian

Project Description

EBRD is considering providing a sovereign loan to be on-lent to the Bishkek City for the benefit of the Bishkek Street Lighting Company BishkekSvet (the "Company"), a municipal company responsible for street lighting management in Bishkek. The Company is wholly owned by the City of Bishkek (the "City").

The Project will finance modernization of the street lighting infrastructure through the following components:

(i) installation of modern street control and monitoring system;
(iii) partial rehabilitation of the street lighting infrastructure; and
(iv) installation of light-emitting diodes ("LED") luminaries.

In addition to the investment part of the Project, the Bank will provide TC grants for the project implementation support and financial and operational performance improvement programme for the Company in order to ensure its long-term sustainable development.

Project Objectives

The Project aims at reducing the operating cost of the street lighting system in the City through the introduction of modern energy efficient technologies. The Project will not only modernise the infrastructure and secure better service provision, but also introduce better contractual arrangements to run the system.

Transition Impact

The Project will introduce modern energy efficient street lighting technologies and effective system management structure, which will significantly reduce energy consumption and, as the result, operations and maintenance costs. The Project will ensure increased reliability of service, as well as providing wider street lighting service coverage.

The transaction will introduce appropriate corporate governance standards with a performance based Public Service Contract (¿PSC¿) developed and signed between the Company and the City promoting efficiency of the sector, a transparent compensation mechanism and setting quality standards for municipal street lighting. The PSC will include specific energy saving commitments made by the Company as well as payments related to the performance of the Company.

Client Information


Bishkek Street Lighting Company BishkekSvet

Bishkek Street Lighting Company BishkekSvet, a municipal company wholly owned by the City, is the ultimate beneficiary of the Project. The City will provide the overall institutional support for the Project implementation and facilitation of sector reforms.

EBRD Finance Summary

EUR 6,500,000.00

Up to EUR 6.5 million sovereign loan possibly including a portion from the Bank's Green Energy Special Fund (GESF), and co-financed with investment grant resources from an international donor. The final proportion of the EBRD/GESF and grant amounts will be determined during Project preparation.

Total Project Cost

EUR 10,000,000.00

EUR 10 million, including the EBRD/GESF loan(s), and the capital grant from an international donor.

Environmental and Social Summary

Categorised B in accordance with EBRD's 2014 Environmental and Social Policy. The modernisation of the street lighting system through the introduction of modern energy efficient LED lamps will have mainly positive environmental and social impacts. The project will contribute to improved life quality of the population of the city of Bishkek, significantly reduce electricity consumption and decrease costs for the lighting system operation and maintenance.

The environmental and social due diligence is on-going and includes a review of the Company's environmental and social management systems, facilities and operations, as well as envisaged priority investments for compliance with the Bank's Performance Requirements ("PR"s). The Environmental and Social Action Plan ("ESAP") will be developed to address any environmental and social issues identified during the due diligence to achieve and maintain compliance with the Bank's PRs within a reasonable time-frame. The Company will also develop a Stakeholder Engagement Plan ("SEP"), including a grievance mechanism, and will release information on environmental and social performance and a summary of the agreed Action Plan to stakeholders.

This PSD will be updated when the results of due diligence are known.

Technical Cooperation

The following technical co-operation ("TC") assignments are envisaged as part of this project:


TC 1: Feasibility Study - financed by the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund ("SSF"). EUR 230,000, on-going.
TC 2: Restatement and Audit Services financed from the Bank's own resources. (USD 15,000, ongoing.

Post-Signing TC under Framework for Street Lightning

TC 3: Financial and operational performance improvement programme (FOPIP), including the structuring and support with the signing of the performance based Public Service Contract. The estimated cost of the assignment is up to EUR 250,000, proposed to be financed by an international donor or the SSF.

TC 4: Project implementation support to provide assistance in setting up the Project Implementation Unit, training its staff and providing assistance in procurement, contract administration, and other project implementation and reporting requirements. The estimated cost of the assignment is up to EUR 250,000, proposed to be financed by an international donor or the SSF.

Company Contact Information

Mr. Azamat Kojomkulov
+996 312 326157
+996 312 326157
199, Manasa street, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

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