China: EBRD shareholder profile

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China became the EBRD’s 67th shareholder when it joined the Bank in January 2016.

China will not receive EBRD funding. But we encourage Chinese companies to become involved in our investments and to apply for procurement and consultancy opportunities associated with our projects.

China and the EBRD: at a glance
0.096% capital share
€3.75bn China-EBRD investments (as of January 2021)

Cooperation between China and the EBRD is already deep and wide-ranging.

China has contributed €44m to the Chernobyl Shelter Fund, which we manage, and subscribed to the EBRD’s Equity Participation Fund, helping to direct more investment finance to the EBRD’s regions.

We have arranged a number of syndications with Chinese banks and invested with a number of Chinese sponsors.

15 Chinese banks and branches of banks have joined our Trade Facilitation Programme as Confirming Banks.

We have also invested in a co-financing deal with the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Beijing hosted our second Central Asia Investment Forum in November 2018.


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