EBRD provides €10 million loan to Slovenia-based pigment producer

By Axel  Reiserer

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 EBRD provides €10 million loan to Slovenia-based pigment producer

Bank supports expansion of Calcit d.o.o.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing Calcit d.o.o., a Slovenia-based producer of calcium carbonate fillers, granulates and sands for use in construction, and in the manufacturing of paper, paint and plastic products, with a €10 million loan to support the company’s expansion.

As a major supplier for the construction, paper and paint industries, Calcit’s two production sites in Slovenia and Croatia are currently operating at full capacity. Expansion of the two production plants is necessary to meet rising demand for their products, especially in the paper industry, with Europe’s largest paper manufacturers among Calcit’s customers,

Over the years, Calcit has successfully diversified from operating solely as a domestic construction and paper manufacturing supplier and has now managed to gain a foothold in the EU market. The company now exports more than 75 per cent of its total production to the EU and almost half of its exports are generated for the German market alone.

The planned investment will increase production capacity, improve efficiency (especially with regards to energy consumption), broaden the product range and contribute to the transfer of skills between the headquarters in Slovenia and the production site in Croatia, which opened recently in 2012.

Frederic Lucenet, EBRD Director, Manufacturing and Services, said: “We are very pleased to provide this loan to a strong company with wide-reaching activities beyond the domestic and regional markets. Calcit is an excellent example of the potential we see in companies in the region and it is the EBRD’s aspiration to support the growth, development and expansion of such enterprises.”

Matjaz Kirn, Calcit CEO, said: “Since entering the European paper market in 2006, Calcit has grown into the second largest supplier of natural calcium carbonate fillers in Europe and is practically the only real competition to the biggest global producer. Calcit now supplies all leading paper producers in Europe, with a 10 per cent market share.”

Mr Kirn continued: “Thanks to the promising cooperation with the EBRD, Calcit will be able to increase its production in Slovenia and start producing slurries for paper in a new plant in Croatia, next to our existing factory for dry pigments. The main goal of the project is to raise our market share to 20 per cent and to continue to be an important and reliable partner for our customers. Our cooperation with the EBRD will strengthen our reputation in the eyes of our customers, financial institutions and other potential investors.”

The EBRD has been active in Slovenia since 1991 and has invested in all sectors of the economy. Since the beginning of its operations, the Bank has invested almost €900 million in 70 projects in the country. In Croatia, the EBRD has invested more than €3.2 billion in over 170 projects to date across various sectors of the economy.

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