Economics, Policy and Governance

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'Resilient' is one of the EBRD's six transition qualities

As part of the Vice Presidency for Policy and Partnerships at the EBRD, the Economics, Policy and Governance Department (EPG) defines and maximises the Bank’s work on transition impact through operations and policy engagement. It also provides political assessments according to the Bank’s mandate.

It provides economic, political and political economy analysis and supports high-level dialogue with shareholder governments. EPG leads on the Bank’s policies on gender and economic inclusion, leads work on governance and business environment and serves as the Bank’s knowledge hub.

In collaboration with the Office of the Chief Economist (OCE), EPG also contributes to the operational, policy and strategy work of the Bank, as well as key reports and economic forecasts.

The EPG also manages the Focus Piece series which offers analysis of economic, political economy and developmental issues across the EBRD’s regions. 


Focus Pieces 


Key areas


EBRD diagnostics | Diagnostics from six partner financial institutions

Assessment of Transition Qualities (ATQ)

Structural reform assessments in the Transition Report

Country assessments in the Transition Report


The EBRD’s Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality 2016-2020 

Economic Inclusion Strategy

Shadow carbon pricing methodology 

Other EBRD country and sector strategies  


Investment Climate and Governance Initiative | Investment Councils and coronavirus response

Business Ombudsman Initiative

The NPL Initiative

The Vienna Initiative

Ukraine Reform Architecture

The EBRD just transition initiative

EPG Structure 

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