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Information and Communication Technologies

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Approval date:

15 Dec 1998



PSD disclosed:

10 Nov 1998

Project Description

Financing to establish a GSM network in Primorsky Krai, Russia Far East. The Bank loan was committed in 1998 and a further loan extension is currently under preparation.
Project objectives: The extension of the project aims to further build and improve the provision of landline telephone services in Vladivostok and of GSM mobile telephone services in Primorsky Krai. The use of proceeds is for purchases and the installation cost of telecommunications plant and equipment.

Transition Impact

The project will support a key player in the Russia Far East mobile telephone market accelerating the development of telecoms infrastructure in Primorsky Krai. It will also increase the provision of telephone services and contribute to the ongoing development of competition.

The Client

NTC is a private sector carrier of landline telephone services in Vladivostok and of GSM services in Primorsky Krai. Korea Telecom owns 73 per cent of the Company and provides management support.

EBRD Finance

Term loan of up to US$ 17 million was committed in 1998. A US$ 5 million (€4.4 million) loan extension is now under preparation.

Project Cost

The projects costs in 1998 were US$ 70 million (€63.8 million). The project costs associated with the loan extension are US$ 30 million (€29.3 million) for the period 2003-05.

Environmental Impact

The NTC project has been screened B/0, requiring an environmental analysis of the proposed development. The analysis examined the environmental issues associated with construction and operations, public participation, nature protection, use and disposal of hazardous materials and obsolete equipment. Significant environmental issues are unlikely to be associated with the project. NTC has applied for all necessary permits required for the start-up of the construction and operation of the project. All other necessary permits will be obtained as the operations progress. NTC has confirmed that construction plans including siting, disposal of potentially hazardous materials, and worker health and safety issues will be complied with in accordance with all relevant national and local legal requirements. On the basis of the environmental analyses, the following positive environmental features will form part of the project:
All the construction work associated with the project meets a high level of environmental, health and safety legal requirements and complies with national and local requirements.
During the selection and planning of buildings and construction activities, NTC has taken account of all relevant environmental and worker health and safety standards. Noise and exhaust emissions from emergency power generators will meet international standards. No chemicals, gases or other hazardous substances will be utilised. All electrical components are new and meet EU legal requirements.
The project does not involve any special acquisition or lease of land or property. There is no cultural or historic significance attached to NTC buildings.

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