Albania Power Sector Reconstruction



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Business sector:

Power and energy

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Approval date:

16 Nov 1999



PSD disclosed:

18 Oct 1999

Project Description

Modernisation of main hydro plants and transmission and distribution networks in Albania.

The project aims to:

  • provide sufficient electriity supply for the domestic markets by reducing commercial and technical losses;
  • achieve a 30 MW increase in generating hydro capacity; and
  • enhance the reliability and quality of electricity supply and reduce power cuts in the country.

Transition Impact

The project is expected to:

  • restore reliable supply of electricity in the region;
  • re-establish regional cross support; and
  • enhance KESH management skills.


By increasing the availability and reliability of power supply in Albania, the project will directly contribute to:

  • the mitigation of instability risks in the region; and
  • the recovery and future economic development of Albania.

The Client

Albanian power generation transmission and distribution are vertically integrated in a state-owned company, Korporata Elektroenergjetike Shqiptare (KESH).

EBRD Finance

The EBRD has signed a loan of EUR 30 million to KESH.

Project Cost

EUR 60 million.

Environmental Impact

The project concerns the modernisation of two hydro power plants and the construction or improvement of transmission and distribution lines. The project replaces two existing modern-isation projects for which environmental due diligence studies were carried out, including an environmental impact assessment for a transmission line. Public consultation was also carried out for the previous projects. New project components (for example, a transmission line) will comply with relevant EU and international standards, and issues identified during environmental due diligence (e.g. PCB analysis of transformer oil) have either already been addressed or will be addressed as part of this new project. The project is expected to have an overall positive environmental impact by helping to replace polluting thermal power stations with hydro-power capacity and also by reducing transmission line losses.

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