Sustainability Report 2014

The Sustainability Report is available both as a dedicated microsite (opens in new window) and a printed summary PDF.
The Sustainability Report 2014 focuses on three key aspects of our sustainability: Impact, Assurance and Engagement.
As it shows, 2014 was a significant year in our approach to sustainability. We mobilised record investments for sustainable energy projects. We launched our new Environmental and Social Policy, after extensive consultation and dialogue with clients, governments and civil society. And we saw positive results and impact from our initiatives to promote resource efficiency, gender equality and economic inclusion across our region. 

The report focuses on three key aspects of sustainability: impact, assurance and engagement.


We promote best practice and innovative approaches to create impact and bring lasting change.


We deliver high standards of assurance, transparency and accountability in all our operations. 


Our engagement with stakeholders helps us to improve our environmental and social policies and evaluate the impact of our work.

EBRD Sustainability Award Winners 2014

The annual EBRD Sustainability Awards recognise the efforts of clients who have gone beyond our performance requirements for managing environmental and social issues, promoting energy efficiency or combating climate change. We are very proud of our clients’ efforts and the excellent quality of the nominations and winners.

AWARD CATEGORY: Environmental and Social Performance Award

CLIENT: Garanti Bank, Turkey

Garanti Bank, Turkey’s second largest private bank, was recognised by the EBRD for both its leadership in addressing key sustainability issues within its activities and its continuous support for innovative financing products. Garanti has developed a new Environmental Policy and has set up a dedicated unit to manage sustainability issues. The bank is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its in-house operations by using resources efficiently. 

Garanti also manages sustainability issues within its lending portfolio by financing projects with environmental and social components and by declining, for example, projects which are involved in the trade/transport of hazardous chemicals that contribute to the over-exploitation of fisheries or have a negative effect on wetlands.

AWARD CATEGORY: Energy efficiency and climate change award 

CLIENT: BNP Paribas Bank Polska, Poland

BNP Paribas Bank Polska has been operating in Poland since 1990 and is an ambassador for sustainable energy financing in the country. BNP Paribas was one of the first partners of the EBRD Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (PolSEFF) and its investments under PolSEFF now result in annual energy savings of 50,512 MWh and emission reductions of 15,128 tCO2.
BNP Paribas integrates sustainable energy lending and social responsibility policies across its operations, and has successfully used both lending and leasing to provide sustainable energy financing worth €34.2 million across 293 projects aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.
BNP Paribas also continuously expands into new areas: the bank is currently developing an educational programme for children and is planning to launch a new residential energy efficiency product.



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