Elaboration of a Design for Dismantling of Equipment in the Controlled Areas of KNPP Units 1-4 (D-Project 44)

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Business sector:

Nuclear safety

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Contract type:

Consultancy Services

Notice type:

Invitation for expressions of interest (loan or grant funded)

Issue date:

05 May 2015

Closing date:

22 Jun 2015   at  12:00   Bulgaria

The Invitation for Expressions of Interest follows the General Procurement Notice for this project published in Procurement Opportunities, on the EBRD website dated 9th August 2014.
The decommissioning strategy of Kozloduy NPP Units 1-4 determines the final condition as “brownfield”.
Actual dismantling is planned to start in early 2019, when the design documentation packages for the dismantling of the Controlled Areas (CA) are completed and approved by the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (BNRA), with completion of all four units by the end of 2030.
Assignment description:
SERAW intends to engage a Consultant to undertake the assignment to elaborate a design for dismantling of the equipment in the CAs of KNPP Units 1-4.  The design will form the basis for the entire dismantling of the equipment within the CAs of KNPP Units 1 to 4.
The scope of the Consultant’s services will include (as a minimum, but not limited to:
1.  Elaboration of Three-Dimensional models and a Uniform Information Model (UIM) for the Reactor and Auxiliary Buildings;
2.  Undertake Gamma measurements of appropriate equipment, pipelines, structures and rooms in the selected Reactor and Auxiliary Buildings including high radiation areas where personnel assess is restricted or prohibited;
3.  Developing a methodology for the cost-benefit analysis for the preliminary decontamination of the RAM at the CA;
4.  Developing a methodology for evaluation of the occupational doses during the performance of the dismantling activities;
5.  Elaboration of design documentation packages for dismantling of systems and equipment in the Auxiliary Buildings;
6.  Elaboration of design documentation packages for dismantling of systems and equipment in the Reactor Buildings.
7. Elaboration of a Safety Analysis Report (SAR) for the systems and equipment dismantling.
Status of the Selection Process: Interested Consultants are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.
Assignment Start Date and Duration: The assignment is anticipated to start in September 2015 and is expected to last for approximately 36 (thirty six) months.
Maximum budget available for the assignment: EUR 4,700,000 (Four Million, seven hundred thousand Euros) (Exclusive of VAT) available for the assignment and shall be free from any and all taxes, custom duties or other fees or mandatory payments arising in or as a result of performance of services in the country of the Assignment (Bulgaria).
Funding source: The contract will be financed by a Grant from the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF).
Eligibility: Consultant selection will be carried out in accordance with EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules, with the exception of country eligibility restrictions defined in KIDSF Rules and will be open to Consultants form eligible countries as of 1st May 2015: the EU member states, Switzerland and the EBRD’s countries of operation.
Consultant Profile:
The Consultant should be a company or consortium of companies able to demonstrate relevant experience in all areas needed for performance of the assignment as described in the assignment description and which can specifically demonstrate a proven track record in the following areas within an international environment:
  • Preparation of design documentation packages for the effective dismantling of all plant, equipment and structures within the Controlled Areas of Nuclear Power Plants, in particular the Primary Circuit, Reactor Vessel and Internals;
  • Classification and Management of Radioactive Materials (RAM) and Radioactive Waste (RAW) including development of the approach to segregation and streaming of primary and secondary arisings from dismantling operations;
  • Development of complex three-dimensional Models of buildings, structures, plant and equipment in a Nuclear environment;
  • Undertake Gamma measurements in high radiation areas where personnel access is prohibited or restricted and processing the output data from buildings, structures, plant and equipment in a Nuclear environment;
  • Uniform Information Model (UIM) database development, population and knowledge transfer;
  • Development of safety analysis documentation.
Submission requirements: In order to determine the capabilities, experience and expertise of consultants seeking to be shortlisted in accordance with the requirements above, the information submitted shall include the following:
  • Cover letter including full contact details, including address of the company submitting the expression of interest, phone and fax numbers, email address of contact person;
  • Company profile, organisation structure and staffing, registry documents demonstrating continuity of ownership, history of litigation for the previous five years;
  • Financial data and records. Audited summary balance sheets and profit and loss statements or similar statements if profit and loss statements are not available, demonstrating turnover for the last 5 (five) years;
  • Details of relevant experience and successfully completed similar assignments within the requested in the Consultant Profile areas above undertaken in the last 10 (ten) years filled in as required in the template.
  • Company’s management system certificates – ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and other relevant certificates related to the project scope and objectives.
  • Completed Contact Sheet and Consultant Declaration using the template. The templates are available on the following web-link:
The above information should not exceed 50 pages including financial data.
One (1) original and four (4) numbered copies of the above information in English language shall be submitted to SERAW in an envelope marked “Elaboration of a Design for Dismantling of Equipment in the Controlled Areas of KNPP Units 1-4 (D-Project 44)”, to reach SERAW not later than 22 June 2015, 12:00 (noon) local Bulgarian time.
The address of SERAW is:
State Enterprise Radioactive Waste
Decommissioning-Repository Project Management Unit (D-R PMU)
Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Site, SERAW Office “Protocol” Premises
3321 Kozloduy
Attention: Head of D-R PMU
Office tel.: +359 973 7 6422
Fax: +359 973 7 4508