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14 May 2007



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11 Oct 2006

Project Description

The proposed project will increase the capacity of the ferry passenger terminal, improve the adjacent quays (7&8) and related infrastructure in Port of Durres, and improve the quality of the services provided at these terminals.

Transition Impact

Transition impact would stem from the introduction of changes in the port’s tariff and dividend policy and improvements in business planning. Additionally, the Port implements the new Port Law, reducing the political interference with port management and incorporating fair competition in cargo handling services. The proposed Project will concentrate on the tariff and dividend reform policy, which is crucial to enable the PDA to operate on commercial basis.

The Client

The borrower is the Republic of Albania whereas the client is the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunications (“MPWTT”). The project will be implemented by the Directorate of Maritime Transport (“DMT”) which is the body responsible for the port sub-sector.

EBRD Finance

Estimated EUR 14 million.

Project Cost

Estimated EUR 40 million.

Environmental Impact

Screened B/1. The construction of a new ferry terminal and rehabilitation of Quays 7 and 8 are anticipated to have limited environmental impacts, which can be readily identified and mitigated in an environmental analysis. The ongoing environmental due diligence will also review the environmental situation in the Port of Durres and the current operations, identifying any existing and potential risks for the environment arising from present activities. The environmental analysis of the proposed investment programme will identify and assess any potential environmental impacts and benefits to the port and its surroundings including maritime ecosystem, resulting from the proposed project.

The ferry terminal works present an upgrade of the existing ferry terminal facilities and consists entirely of on-shore works within the port. The construction-related environmental impacts are expected to be temporary and confined within the port area. Increased capacity of the port will result in some traffic increase, however this traffic does not pass through Durres town, but directly accesses the motorway network upon leaving the port. Within the port, the upgraded facilities should be largely beneficial to passenger safety and to the environment with oily run-off being collected by new drainage and passed through separators.

A comprehensive Environmental Management Plan with preventative, corrective and mitigation measures will be developed in accordance with international standards and EU requirements regarding such issues as waste handling, oil spill response planning, dredging, and transportation arrangements during construction & operation, considering the increase of both land-based and maritime traffic.

This section will be updated upon the completion of the environmental due diligence.


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