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Manufacturing and Services

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16 Sep 2003



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04 Aug 2003

Project Description

The proposed project consists of an equity investment by the Bank of €20 million in Lafarge Slovenia S.A. (the Project Company) to be channelled into Lafarge Cement d.d. (the Sub-Project Company or Lafarge CT), which is the surviving entity following the merger between Lafarge Cement (formerly Cementarna Trbovlje) and Lafarge Perlmooser d.d.
The funding will be used for the restructuring, business expansion and environmental programme of the second largest cement plant in Slovenia. The implementation of this modernisation programme will be carried out by Lafarge (the Sponsor).

Transition Impact

The Bank's investment will have a relevant transition impact with regard to the following:
  • Increased competition - Full Lafarge control over the sub project company will directly boost competition by eliminating the part ownership of the Company by its main Slovene competitor. Re structuring and modernisation of the plant will lead to a reduction in the cost of production.
  • Know-how transfer - Lafarge's more direct involvement will bring about the transfer and dispersion of skills within its Slovene operations. It is expected that the skills transfer will contribute to the planned reduction in costs of production and improve environmental and health & safety performance.
  • Improved standards for business conduct - the improved standards particularly related to environment and health & safety, will be highly visible in the Slovene market and invite replication by other companies.

The Client

Lafarge Slovenia S.A. (the Project Company) will channel the EBRD's investment into Lafarge Cement d.d.. Lafarge Cement d.d. is the joint-stock company created by the merger between Lafarge Cement (formerly Cementarna Trbovlje) and Lafarge Perlmooser d.d., the Austrian subsidiary of Lafarge.
Cementarna Trbovlje was founded in 1876 and currently operates one dry kiln, built in 1972, with a total capacity of 520 KT.

EBRD Finance

Equity financing of up to €20 million within the framework of the Lafarge Multi-Project Facility signed in December 1996 and amended in December 1999.

Project Cost

€66 million

Environmental Impact

The project was screened B/1 under the Environmental Procedures agreed with Lafarge under the existing multi-project facility.
The project is likely to have strong environmental benefits. The use of latest technology will result in reduced environmental impacts, primarily through lower emissions and better energy efficiency. Lafarge has carried out environmental due diligence in accordance with the environmental procedures agreed between the Bank and Lafarge under the multi-project facility. Lafarge commissioned an environmental review comprising an environmental audit of the existing production facilities and an environmental analysis of the proposed modernisation programme. Based on the findings of the review, an Environmental Action Plan (EAP) has been developed. The implementation of the EAP will enable the Sub-Project Company to achieve compliance with currently applicable Slovenian, EU and Lafarge corporate environmental standards. The EAP, which will be implemented by the end of 2008 includes the following key actions:
  • Optimisation of raw mix and kiln processes to reduce SO2 emissions;
  • Implementation of dust reduction measures in raw materials storage and handling areas;
  • Installation of close water recycling loop to reduce discharge volumes;
  • Upgrading waste water treatment;
  • Replacing/upgrading oil storage tanks;
  • Improving traffic management;
  • Enhancing the Environmental Management System;
  • Implementation of the rehabilitation plan for the quarry;
  • Assessment and implementation of enhanced security measures at the quarry depot.

Technical Cooperation


Company Contact

Lafarge Slovenia SA
61, rue des Feuilles
B.P. 40
75782 Paris Cedex 16
Contact: Mr Pierre de Saint Rapt
Tel: +33 1 44 34 12 78

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