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02 Sep 2003



PSD disclosed:

31 Jul 2003

Project Description

The proposed project would be a 50% co-financing facility with Bank Pekao SA. The funds would be used to finance franchisees of the Intermarché group to build new food and DIY supermarkets across Poland.

Transition Impact

  • Support for local entrepreneurship: The project will finance a network of SMEs led by Polish entrepreneurs. The Intermarché business model offers the possibility for talented individuals to build a substantial business with training and technical support from the Intermarché group. In addition, the entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to participate in the corporate governance of a large international group such as Intermarché.
  • Expansion of an innovative corporate structure. This business model, which associates the individual features of SME companies (entrepreneurial risk taking), franchises (concept, quality control) and co-operatives (bargaining power, logistics, IT support) is well suited for Poland with its potential to be replicated by local SMEs both in and outside the retail sector.
  • Dissemination of modern retail methods across Poland. The Intermarché retail outlets are situated in smaller cities and rural areas, where the penetration of modern retail methods has been weak so far.
  • Backward linkages. Retail chains in general play an important role in the whole food chain development. Establishment of links between new Intermarché outlets in smaller cities and rural areas will expose local agricultural producers for the first time to terms and conditions of a modern retail chain.

The Client

Beneficiaries will be Intermarché or Bricomarche retail outlets set up by entrepreneurs. The supermarkets will operate under franchise agreement from the sponsor. Bank Pekao SA will appraise the loan applications and extend loans to individual supermarkets.

EBRD Finance

 EBRD will co-finance 50% of each individual loan up to an aggregate total of PLN 100 million.

Project Cost

The total loan facility will amount to PLN 200 million.

Environmental Impact

Bank Pekao, a signatory to the UNEP Statement on Bank and the Environment, is implementing the Bank's "Environmental Procedures for Intermediated Lending through Local Banks" throughout its activities in the context of the existing project. Besides continuing to implement Environmental Procedures throughout its activities, it will be required to implement EBRD's "Environmental Procedures for Franchising" for the sub-projects under the Facility by ensuring that sub-projects comply with Polish environmental, health and safety standards and requirements, adhering the Bank's Environmental Exclusion and Referral List, reporting annually to the Bank on the implementation of the environmental procedures, and immediately notifying the Bank any environmental, health and safety-related material damages and losses associated with the project.

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Company Contact

Intermarché website:
C/o: Philippe Belot, EBRD Warsaw
Tel. +48 22 520 57 00

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