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16 Nov 2004



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20 Jul 2004

Project Description

The proposed project will support  the rehabilitation of the M06 Kiev-Chop Highway to European standards and further reform of road sector administration and financing.
The proceeds of the loan will be used to rehabilitate important sections of the M06 highway, one of the most important roads in Ukraine, which forms part of Pan-European Corridor III and V and links Ukraine with the west. The loan proceeds will also be used to finance the consultancy assistance for supervision of civil works and for the reform of the road sector.

Transition Impact

Transition impact would stem from improved business practice and commercialisation (corporate governance) within Ukravtodor. As part of the project, a strategy to reform the road network administration and management will be developed and implemented, along with a further review of road sector financing and cost recovery.

The Client

The Borrower is Ukraine.  The proceeds will be on-lent to Ukravtodor, State Road Service of Ukraine.

EBRD Finance

€ 100 million

Project Cost

Estimated € 135 million

Environmental Impact

Screened B/0.  
Given that the project deals largely with the upgrading of an existing road, no significant adverse environmental impacts are expected. An independent environmental consultant carried out a site visit and a preliminary environmental review in April 2004. The consultant did not identify any significant environmental issues and concluded that the impacts of the project would be limited to temporary noise, safety, dust/air quality impacts during the construction.
Mitigation measures  developed in a form of the Environmental Action Plan (2005- 2007) address prevention of landslips and water erosion (e.g. strengthening of drainage system for surface waters to prevent wash-out and underground water infiltration, arrangement of catching drainage and other counter-slip actions at slip dangerous sites with high groundwater levels), reduction of emissions in the atmospheric air (e.g. compliance control of work execution technologies, flattening of longitudinal profile to provide uniform traffic), noise protection measures (installation of noise shields, interdiction of pile-hamming works in residential areas during night time),  soil protection (e.g. removal and storing of vegetative soil on special site with subsequent technical and biological regevetation of disturbed soils), reduction of impact on flora and fauna (prohibition against cutting trees outside of the right of way which is allocated for construction of the road and road structures, prohibition against covering roots and trunks of trees with soil which grow near construction site, provision of animal  migration at sites of junctions, bridges, over bridges, culverts. etc), waste management (regular transportation of construction materials as the construction goes without storage of large quantities of materials on site, temporary storage of construction wastes on site at special places, provision of mobile containers at construction  site fore metal wastes, oiled rags, petroleum and removal and further recycling of construction wastes from construction site), prevention of negative changes in hydrological environment (prevent contaminating substances  from getting them into aquatic environment through pollution of soils, installation of minimal number of piers in watercourses during construction of bridges).  
The requirement to carry out the project in accordance with applicable national environmental, health and safety requirements and EU environmental standards will be incorporated into the contracting and tender documents. The project sponsor is working closely with EBRD to ensure the Project’s full compliance with the Bank’s environmental requirements.
No other environmental issues to raise.

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