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Manufacturing and Services

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Approval date:

04 Mar 2008



PSD disclosed:

18 Jan 2008

Project Description

In the Region contemplated for the Facility, some valuable medium-sized investment projects are not yet reached by, or attractive to, private equity funds or commercial banks. The Facility will address this gap by providing equity capital, mezzanine/sub-debt and senior debt. These medium-sized projects will be smaller than those usually executed by the Bank directly.

Transition Impact

Although the exact transition impact is likely to vary from project to project, the Facility will likely have the strongest transition impact in the following areas:

Demonstration effects of new products and processes
The Facility is likely to support the entry of new investors into the region and the expansion of existing companies into new products and business activities. Given the fast pace of growth and development of transition economies, many of the enterprises benefiting from EBRD financing under the Facility are likely to engage in manufacturing of products not yet produced in a given country or in provision of tailored made services not available in the past. This is likely to lead to positive demonstration effects and replication by other new entrants and other companies already active in the sector.

Most of the private enterprises financed under the Facility will operate in competitive sectors. Their expansion and development of new products and services supported by the Facility will lead to increased competitive pressure on other companies operating in the sector and will spur development of markets and innovation, as well as lead to improvements in availability of goods and prices for final consumers.

Transfer of skills
The Facility will be readily available to support enterprises operating in technologically advanced sectors, leading to staff training and know-how transfers both through business contacts with suppliers and off-takers of goods and through rotation of trained staff to other companies.

Standards for business conduct
When working with locally owned enterprises, the Bank will impose conditions pertaining to disclosure and transparency standards as well as accounting and governance practices. This is likely to have direct and positive effect on a group of companies for which business standards and governance issues still remain a significant challenge.

These sources of transition impact will be verified at individual sub-project level. Transition impact will be compounded by the diversity of companies, sectors and regions the Facility will invest in.

The Client

About 35 private companies belonging to the corporate sector, i.e. general manufacturing, agribusiness, property & tourism, telecommunications, informatics & media. The Facility targets both subsidiaries of international sponsors, regional cross-border investors from the Bank’s countries of operations and locally-owned companies.

EBRD Finance

A framework financing facility of EUR 220 million for the purpose of supporting medium-sized investment projects in the defined Region. The Facility will provide between EUR 1 and EUR 10 million, representing up to 35% of project costs or the total long-term capitalization of the client. The products offered under the Facility will be equity capital, mezzanine/sub-debt and senior debt. The availability period of the Facility has been extended for another 5 years after the expiry of the initial 5-year period. During the availability period, proceeds from exits may be revolved, within the overall maximum commitment of EUR 220 million for the entire Facility and EUR 10 million per counterparty/client.

Project Cost

EUR 220 million

Environmental Impact

Categorised B under 2008 Environmental and Social Policy. Precise due diligence requirements will be identified individually on each project within the Facility. Environmental due diligence will generally be based on desk review of sub-projects, followed, if necessary, by a field visit by an ESD specialist. When higher risks linked to the industry/sector are identified at early stage, an independent due diligence will be required.

Sub-projects within the Framework will need to comply with the Bank’s Environmental and Social Requirements in force at the time of sub-project approval. Sub-projects will need to commit to and implement Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAP) as might be required for a project. Clients will need to submit to the Bank Annual Environmental Reports on sub-projects.

Technical Cooperation

Technical Cooperation Funds for a total of EUR 500,000 are available to cover the cost of market, technical, financial or environmental due diligence and the cost of legal documentation, based on a cost sharing agreement with clients

Company Contact

For the Facility, Ms Bénédicte Kariger, Senior Banker, Email: karigerb@ebrd.com


Business opportunities

For business opportunities or procurement, contact the client company.

For state-sector projects, visit EBRD Procurement: Tel: +44 20 7338 6794
Email: procurement@ebrd.com

General enquiries

EBRD project enquiries not related to procurement:
Tel: +44 20 7338 7168
Email: projectenquiries@ebrd.com

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