US$ 5 million from EBRD for road works in Tajikistan

By Svitlana  Pyrkalo

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Additional loan and grant will buy maintenance equipment and stimulate reform
The EBRD and international donors are supporting vital infrastructure in Tajikistan with a financing package of over US$ 5 million for critical maintenance of the national road network.
A loan of US$ 2.54 million and a capital grant from a multi-donor fund of US$ 2.54 million will be provided to expand an existing road maintenance project to which has already received a US$ 4 million loan from the EBRD and a US$ 2 million grant from the government of the Netherlands. More grant financing will be provided by donor funds for technical cooperation.
“Tajikistan has some very good roads and many poor roads,” said Head of EBRD office in Dushanbe, Richard Jones. “There is chronic under-investment in the sector; but the government recognises the need to dramatically improve the state of the country’s roads, and there has been progress in recent years. In Tajikistan, with its mountainous terrain and extreme weather, keeping roads in a good condition requires a lot of work, and we are proud to finance new maintenance equipment in addition to those machines that we have already financed together with the Netherlands’ government”.
The financing will be made to the Republic of Tajikistan for purchase of equipment such as graders, excavators, trucks, laboratory and other equipment.
Another important road project financed by the EBRD is about to start. Tajikistan will receive US$ 35 million for rehabilitation and upgrade of the road from Dushanbe to the border with Uzbekistan. Funds will be disbursed when the road design is completed which is expected in the beginning of 2015.
To date, the EBRD has invested some US$ 400 million in various sectors of the economy, focusing on areas that tangibly improve people’s lives, such as public utilities and infrastructure.
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