Capital markets

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With over 25 years of experience, the EBRD plays a significant role in the international capital markets through a broad range of activities. Our Treasury department is involved in:

  • funding
  • management of the Bank’s capital, retained earnings and borrowed funds
  • development of local capital markets and the provision of local currency funding
  • structuring and advisory for client projects

The Bank has established conservative operational and lending guidelines, which are reflected in its AAA/Aaa/AAA credit rating

By maintaining prudent capital and liquidity levels, and with strong shareholder commitment, the EBRD offers its investors the highest quality assets.

Nothing in this site or any materials shall be construed, implicitly or explicitly as containing any investment recommendation or advice, and constituting an offer of, or an invitation by or on behalf of, EBRD to purchase or sell any securities.

About the Treasury

The Treasury team finances the EBRD's projects, conservatively invests the Bank's capital and liquidity, actively manages interest rate and FX risk, and provides structuring expertise for the Bank's loan and equity projects.

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Bonds Issued

The EBRD is an established debt issuer in the capital markets.

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Local currency issuance

Our local currency issues help to further capital markets development in EBRD's countries of operations.

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Investor information

We are an established provider of debt products that are flexible and suit the individual needs of investors.

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Socially Responsible Investments

The EBRD issues bonds which support socially responsible investments in both microfinance and environmental projects.

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