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Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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21 Apr 2010



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05 Jun 2009

Project Description

The EBRD is considering providing a senior loan of up to PLN 200 million to co-finance a capital expenditure programme of Warsaw Trams Ltd for the renewal of up to 29 km of tram line, construction of a new tram line to Tarchomin and acquisition of 186 low-floor, articulated trams.

In order to maintain economic growth, the City of Warsaw needs to provide greater mobility to its citizens by developing more robust road infrastructure and expanding the services of the public transport network.

Transition Impact

The financing is a response to the financial and liquidity crisis and has been conceived in an environment in which such financing is additional. The large financing facilities for municipal companies based on support agreements (not on guarantees) are scarce at the moment on the Polish market. The Bank financing would help the Company to overcome difficulties and constraints brought about by the financial crisis and worsening availability of external funding.

Consistent with the Bank’s Sustainable Energy Initiative, the financing shall also assist the City and Company in achieving a reduction in the City’s carbon footprint, with increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions through the introduction of expanded commuter services. The principal carbon benefit is derived from a commuter mode shift as an alternative to the private car which is cleaner and more energy efficient.

The Client

Warsaw Tramways limited liability company (“Company”), wholly owned by the City of Warsaw (the “City”).

EBRD Finance

Up to PLN 200 million senior loan to co-finance the long term capital expenditure programme of the company (the “Project”). The EU cohesion funds and the EIB are also expected to finance the Project.

Project Cost

The total cost of the Project is currently estimated at around PLN 1,879 million.

Environmental Impact

Following an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) the Project has been categorised as B/1 under the Bank's Environmental Policy 2003.

The Bank’s financing is focused on the purchase of new state-of-the-art trams that meet EU and Polish environmental and safety standards. The Project will contribute to the improvement of the Warsaw public transport system, namely in terms of reliability, safety and efficiency as well as to reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions in the City with associated air quality benefits. In addition, to the purchase of the trams, the Project will involve the modernisation of existing tracks and the completion of investments made by the City for a new tram line to Tarchomin. The City of Warsaw Authority is developing a new road, along which the Company will develop the new tram line. The permitting and land acquisition process is being done by the City and the City is preparing an EIA for this project. The Bank will not finance the new road but in the future will finance the tram line along this road.

The Environmental Audit of existing Company operations and an Environmental Analysis of the proposed investment programme has not identified any material issues. Overall, the Company has a good environmental management system and good public communications systems. The associated investment by the City of a new road and tram line will have limited impacts, and a local EIA has been undertaken of this project. The Bank has requested that the Company undertakes disclosure of this EIA. An ESAP has been developed to address environmental and social issues, notably in terms of strengthening the environmental and social management system and ensuring adequate public consultation is made for new projects. Overall the public consultations to date have been good. The Company will implement ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 by 2012.

The Bank will monitor the implementation of the project throughout the project implementation stage.

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