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Capital Resources Review

The EBRD’s operations during the CRR4 period 2011-2015 will be guided by the strategic objectives endorsed by the Board of Governors at the 2009 Annual Meeting in London. A significant focus will be placed on tackling energy efficiency, climate change and helping to ensure energy security, as well as accelerating transition in the infrastructure sectors in the Bank’s countries of operations.

Capital Resources Review 2011-2015

Public consultation on the EBRD’s capital review process

As part of the fourth Capital Resources Review (CRR4), the EBRD sought an open exchange of views with all its stakeholders and made relevant working papers available to the public, civil society organisations and other actors. Several hundred CSOs from the countries of operations and shareholder countries were invited to provide written feedback on the CRR4 material.

In addition, the EBRD organised a consultation workshop on 10 March 2010 at the Bank's HQ in London to provide the opportunity for regional and international civil society stakeholders - including NGOs, think tanks, academics and other parties - to discuss strategic aspects of CRR4.

Report on public consultation

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Background Material on Capital Resources Review 4: 2011-2015

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