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South Ukraine Transmission Project



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ESIA disclosed:

04 Aug 2009



Approval date:

12 Oct 2010

Purpose of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

The proposed project consists of construction of a new 750 kV power transmission line.

This public sector project entails a 190km long 750 kV TL connecting Zaporizhska Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) with a newly planned substation in Nova Kahovka (750/330 kV Kahovska substation) along with two 330kV double circuit diversions (TL 330 kV Novokahovska – Ostrovska and Novokahovska – Kherson) of 28 and 17 km length, and a rehabilitation of an existing substation 330/220 kV (SS 330 kV Novokahovska substation).

The current design and planning is mainly based on the original routing from the 1980s and the already existing tower locations. The exact routing of the current design and planning stage will be established after completion of field work by the surveyors; and as a part of the assessment a number of alternative routes were considered.

The objective of this Project is to increase the efficiency of the national power sector by allowing Zaporizhzhia NPP to operate at full power (6000 MW) following a better connection to the power network with an ultimate benefit also to regional power supply reliability and quality. Increased reliability of the power system will increase overall sector efficiency will thus have indirect environmental benefits and facilitate international co-operation in the sector.

There is a project summary document available for this project.

ESIA Summary

Non-Technical Summary (English) (859KB - PDF)
Non-Technical Summary (Ukrainian) (963KB - PDF)

Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan (English) (411KB - PDF)
Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan (Ukrainian) (515KB - PDF)

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (English) (3MB - PDF)
Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Ukrainian) (3MB - PDF)

The full ESIA disclosure package

During the project implementation an additional subproject was undertaken for the construction of a fibre-optic cable and the rehabilitation of an existing 330 kV Novokakhovska – Khersonska overhead line. An independent Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EISA) was undertaken of this work to assess any potential environmental and social impacts. This has demonstrated that the Project is associated with minimal environmental and social issues and does not materially affect the conclusions of the existing ESIA. The Addendum ESIA and Non-Technical Summary were disclosed and can be obtained from the Ukrenergo website in English and Ukranian.

Subproject Non-Technical Summary (English) (648KB - PDF)
Subproject Non-Technical Summary (Ukrainian) (616KB - PDF)

Full ESIA availability

Full ESIA documentation is available locally at:
EBRD Headquarters in London,


Ukrenergo office Kyiv
25, Kominterna Str.
Tel: +380 44 238-32-64, 287-71-60, 238-35-82
Fax: 38 044 249 18 47

Nova Kakhovka
2 Electromashinostroitelei Str.
Tel: +380 5549 4 45 55

2 Grebelna Str
Tel: +380 61 239 39 51


EBRD Resident Office Kiev
27/23 Sofiyvska Street;
Tel: + 380 44 270 61 32
Contact Olga Yeriomina


Local disclosure
Offices of Oblast State Administrations of Zaporizhzha and Kherson, and at the District State Administrations of the District or Municipal Councils of the seven Rayons through which the TL passes. Copies of the documents are available at:

Contact: O.V. Starukh
164, Prospect Lenina
Zaporizhzha 69107

Tel: +38 (061) 233 11 91, 239 03 53
Fax: +38 (061) 224 61 23

Contact: Ye.F.Makarenko
87, Naberezhna Str., Kamyanka-Dniprovska, Zaporizhzha Oblast 71300

Tel: +38 (06138) 2-35-33
Fax: +38 (06138) 2-35-93

Contact: B.V.Silenkov
1, Svodoby Square, Kherson 73000
Tel: +38 (0552) 32-11-00
Fax: +38 (0552) 26-36-02

Contact: S.D.Gordiyenko
48, Lenina Str., Verkhniy Rogachyk

Tel: +38 (05545) 5-10-32, 5-11-32
Fax: +38 (05545) 5-15-05;

Contact: A.A.Vas’kovs’kiy
3, Shchorsa Str., Velyka Lepetykha

Tel: +38 (05543) 2-21-79,
Tel/fax: +38 (05543) 2-20-77

Contact: I.V.Marchuk
145, Lenina Str., Gornostayivka
Tel: +38 (05544) 4-23-06

Conact: O.I.Vinnyk
103, K. Marxa Str., Kakhovka
Tel: +38 (05536) 20210
Fax: +38 (05536) 40890

Contact: V.S.Len
24, Gvardiyska Str., Tsyuryupynsk
Tel: +38 (05542) 2-37-06, 2-22-63
Fax: +38 (05542) 4-58-28

Contact: V.I.Stetsenko
2, Peremogy Square, Beryslav
Tel: +38 (05546) 7-60-3
Tel/fax: +38 (05546) 7-56-48

Contact: O.I.Vinnyk
03, K. Marxa Str., Kakhovka
Tel: +38 (05536) 20210
Fax: +38 (05536) 40890


Nataliya Snezhko
Deputy Head of Investment and Credit Policy Division
NPC Ukrenergo

tel. +044 238 3070
fax +044 238 3981

Mr. A.M. Shvedkyi,
First Deputy Director Southern Electric Power System,
NPC Ukrenergo office,
11 Koblivska Str., 65029, Odessa

Tel.: 8(048) 730 18 50, Fax: 8(048) 730 18 60,


This document was prepared at an early stage of project development, before consideration by the EBRD Board of Directors. Details of a project may change following disclosure.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and ESIA summaries are produced by project sponsors, and the EBRD makes them available without any comment or implied endorsement. Any views expressed or statements made in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment or the ESIA Summary do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the EBRD.

Last updated 25 June 2014

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