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25 Jan 2012

Purpose of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

Ukraine Renewable Energy Direct Lending Facility (UREDLF or the Facility, later re-named Ukraine Sustainable Energy Lending Facility, USELF), in the amount of up to EUR 50 million, consists of debt financing to local enterprises in Ukraine for partial financing small and medium size renewable energy projects (solar, wind, small hydro, biomass and biogas). USELF is complemented by Technical Co-operation funding of up to EUR 5.72 million from the Global Environment Facility. This is a category B project with A-level consultation and strategic assessment voluntarily carried out by the EBRD to ensure solid environmental and social basis for its operations with renewables in Ukraine.

The SER highlights areas of Ukraine with renewable resources suitable for development and identifies the major environmental, social, and technical constraints for development, and provides background information for project-specific environmental and social due diligence, including environmental and social impact assessments.

There is a project summary document available for this project.

ESIA Summary

Non-Technical Summary of the Strategic Environmental Review for Ukraine Sustainable Lending Facility, USELF
Ukrainian | English

Brochure describing Strategic Environmental Review Report for Ukraine Sustainable Energy Lending Facility, USELF
Ukrainian | English

Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Ukrainian | English


Porogi: English Ukrainian
Visum: English | Ukrainian
Optima: English | Ukrainian
Sunelectra: English | Ukrainian
Ecoprod: English | Ukrainian
Rengi (Gnyatkov): English | Ukrainian
Ivankiv (Biogasenergo): English | Ukrainian
Karpatskyi WInd Farm: English | Ukrainian
Aquanova Small Hydro Projects: English | Ukrainian

Full ESIA availability

Full ESIA documentation is available locally at:
EBRD Headquarters in London,


Project Support Unit office
USELF, office 4B
Business Center Horizon Office Tower,
42-44 Shovkovychna Str.
01601 Kiev Ukraine

EBRD Resident Office in Kiev
16 Nemirovycha-Danchenka Street,
Kyiv, Ukraine 01133

Tel:+380(44)2771173 Fax: +380(44)2771160


Environmental and general enquiries

Olena Borysova, program manager, Department of energy efficiency and climate change,


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